Luke Nolan forced his way into a Molendinar home and stabbed a man.
Luke Nolan forced his way into a Molendinar home and stabbed a man.

‘Either I got stabbed or he gets stabbed’

A FORMER "buzz saw bandit" forced his way into a Molendinar home, held a woman against her will and a stabbed a man in the stomach to collect on a drug debt.

Luke Justin Nolan, 33, told the court he had to choose between stabbing the man or getting stabbed himself.

Nolan pleaded guilty in Southport District Court this morning to multiple charges including grievous bodily harm, robbery, assault and deprivation of liberty.

In an unusual move, Nolan spoke briefly during Judge Katherine McGinness' sentence decision to correct some facts about what happened when he invaded the Molendinar home on August 16, 2016.

"We had an argument over a drug debt," Nolan said.

"It was either I got stabbed or he gets stabbed.

"We had a fight and I won."

The buzz saw bandit gang in action.
The buzz saw bandit gang in action.

He could be back on the streets in just a few months after he was sentenced to eight years prison with parole eligibility in February next year.

The court was told Nolan approached a woman and told her he left some items in her home when he lived there previously.

The woman let Nolan and another woman into the home and that is when he attacked.

He held the woman captive until her partner came home. Nolan waited behind the door and stabbed him in the abdomen.

While there Nolan and another woman robbed the home, stealing a television and other household appliances.

Crown prosecutor Michael Connelly said the wound left the man in intensive care for four days and in need of a bowel resection.

He said the woman was left with a number of bruises.

Nolan also stole the woman's car which was later found abandoned and burnt on the side of the road.

The court was told Nolan was high on ice at the time of the attack.

Defence barrister Scott Lynch, instructed by Moloney MacCallum Abdelshahied Lawyers, said Nolan was hoping to turn his life around had completed all available courses to him while in custody.

Mr Lynch said Nolan wanted to be a good father to his two children.

"They visit him in prison and he reads to them," he said.

At the time of the violent home invasion Nolan was on a five-year suspended sentence for his part as a member of the "buzz saw bandit" trio.

The gang was responsible for a string of robberies, some using heavy-duty cutting equipment, across the Gold Coast in 2012.

Their haul included a camouflaged bolt action rifle with telescopic sights, imported rifles, semiautomatic handguns, bullets, gunpowder and other valuables including jewellery, electronics and $2000 cash.