AN EMU at Alexandra Park Zoo has been the target of an attack, with footage of a person trespassing into the animal's enclosure posted online.

Someone in a red hoodie can be seen jumping the fence and attacking the emu while his friend is encouraging him from behind the camera.

The 41-second long footage then shows the person aggravating the emu and potentially throwing something at it, before the emu runs at the person and he jumps back over the fence.

The footage was posted to Instagram and was shared to Facebook more than 100 times before it was deleted.

Zoo group supervisor David Flack said the attack was disappointing and would not be tolerated.

"We care very deeply about our animals, that like family to us," Mr Flack said.

"Luckily there appears to be no lasting impacts on the emu, which is currently healthy and happy."

Police have been made aware of the incident and are trying to confirm an exact time and date the offence took place.

They have confirmed the person, believed to be of a juvenile age, had thrown a stick at the emu.

The offenders could face charges of trespassing and endangering an animal.

This isn't the first time the emus have been targeted at the Alexandra Park Zoo - a man was convicted of killing an emu in 2009.

Patrick James Andrew, 22, was ordered to pay nearly $7000 in fines and restitution when he was sentenced before the Hervey Bay Magistrates Court on multiple charges, including animal cruelty and unlawful killing of an animal.

The court was told Andrews had scaled the fence of Alexandra Park Zoo and butchered the bird.

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