IN CONTROL: Eileen Byers is preparing for next week’s Deadly Fun Run in Casino.
IN CONTROL: Eileen Byers is preparing for next week’s Deadly Fun Run in Casino. Samantha Elley

Inspired Eileen goes from 107kg to running New York Marathon

CASINO mum Eileen Byers had the Qantas flight attendants in tears after telling them her story on the flight back from Alice Springs recently.

Her tale of triumph over adversity touched the flight staff so much that the captain ended up inviting her into the cockpit for some photos.

Shortly after having her fourth child, Eileen Byers hit 107kg at 160cm tall.

The 30-year-old mum worked hard to lose the weight and managed to get down to 84kg last year.

She took a leap of faith in herself and registered her interest in running in the famous New York Marathon as part of the Indigenous Marathon Project squad.

She has since earned her place in the final squad with 10 Indigenous runners from remote, regional and city Indigenous communities across the country.

Most of the squad had no running experience and have turned their lives around through running and education in just five months.

Ms Byers did intensive training with her coach Mick Rees and founder of the Indigenous Marathon Project, well-known Australian marathon runner Robert de Castella.

She said she had grown mentally and emotionally so much since she became part of the project.

She was also an inspiration to her 14-year-old daughter.

C'mon Eileen!

The marathon is on Sunday, November 1.

People can follow Eileen's progress through the Indigenous Marathon Foundation Project Facebook page. We'll all be cheering her on.

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