Police were kept just as busy in the '80s and '90s.
Police were kept just as busy in the '80s and '90s. TREVOR VEALE

FLASHBACK: 10 Bundy police and crime news snippets

WE TAKE a look back at the crime and police news that was making headlines in the 1980s and '90s.

Insecticide theft

TWENTY-SIX bags of insecticide were stolen from a Qunaba property on March 21, 1988.

The insecticide was worth $4914, a total of $11,185.46 in today's currency.

The 26kg bags of Suscon Blue were taken from Spring Hill plantation sometime between 12.30pm and 6am.

Break and enter

THIEVES were in a hurry to learn maths on March 21, 1988 when they broke into a home to steal a calculator and a TV.

More than $300 damage was done to a property on Barolin St after the crims smashed their way through the door.

Toy car stolen

A 37-YEAR-OLD labourer from McCarthy St appeared before the courts in the late '80s after he was charged with stealing a remote-controlled car from Venture Stores in Bourbong St.

He was remanded until his case could be heard.

Drugs use was gripping the region decades ago, just as it is now.
Drugs use was gripping the region decades ago, just as it is now. Contributed

Teen fined

A SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD unemployed girl living on Maryborough St was fined $400 (about $910.50 by today's standards) in 1988 when she pleaded guilty to allowing dangerous drugs to be smoked in her home.

She was convicted of having had possession of a dangerous drug and a pipe used in connection with smoking of a dangerous drug, but was not further sentenced.

She pleaded not guilty to having had possession of three beer glasses suspected of being stolen and was remanded into until later in the year.

Charges dismissed

A LOCAL labourer had several charges dismissed by Stipendiary Magistrate Frank Caldwell in 1988.

The man pleaded not guilty to one count of rape, a count of deprivation of liberty and one of assault occasioning bodily harm at Bargara on January 15.

Tragic discovery

THE body of a 23-year-old man was found hanging from a tree in Lions Park, opposite Salter Oval, on the morning of March 19, 1988.

The man's body was discovered around 6.30am by a man exercising his greyhound.

The man had been in Bundaberg since the October before and had been working as a truck driver.

He was originally from Northern New South Wales.

There were no suspicious circumstances.

If you have been feeling depressed, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Bundaberg's courthouse, built in the late 1950s.
Bundaberg's courthouse, built in the late 1950s. Zach Hogg BUN110814CRT4

Chase ends in court

A BUNDABERG teenager on a learner's licence was told in court that he was lucky not to have killed himself when he was found dangerously riding an unregistered motorbike on Lowes Rd in 1984.

The Greenwood St labourer pleaded guilty to five charges that arose from the high-speed, rough-road chase.

The boy had prompted police to have to take evasive action and swung in front of police on several occasions.

On several occasions, the police car came up beside the boy, but he pulled in front of their car on his motorcycle, causing evasive action on behalf of police.

The chase ended when two cars collided.

The teen said he had given chase because he panicked.

He was fined $300 for a string of offences resulting from the chase that caused police to drive at speeds in excess of 100km/h.

Horror in the suburbs

AN ELDERLY woman was hospitalised after a man broke into her Bargara home, dragged her out of bed and bashed her in December 1999.

The 74-year-old was sleeping in her Esplanade home when the man broke in around 11.15pm. The man fled after the attack.

Police found no motive and nothing was taken from the woman's home.

The attack resulted in police searching nearby bins, parkland and beach for clues while forensics officers examined the home.

She was taken to hospital with severe bruising and was too traumatised to talk about the attack.

In another incident, a Yandaran woman was raped when she answered a late night knock at the door after putting her young son to bed.

Both attacks happened between December 29 and 30.

Two men were believed to have helped police with inquiries.

A man said he'd go back to sheering sheep in order to try and give up alcohol.
A man said he'd go back to sheering sheep in order to try and give up alcohol. Scott Powick

Back to sheep sheering

A 34-year-old Bundaberg man told the Bundaberg Magistrate's Court that he would return to sheep sheering to cure himself of his drinking problem in February 1988.

The unemployed sheerer was fined $10 for being drunk on Barolin St.

The man had been constantly before the courts for similar offences in the lead-up to his appearance in court.

The policeman on duty at the time the man was found on Barolin St said he believed the man had been laying unconscious for some time before being discovered.

He'd only recently been released from a 21-day jail stint.

The magistrate alluded to a case where two young boys had been killed after laying drunk on the road and urged the man to help himself for the sake of those who cared about him.

"I don't know what the answer is if you won't help yourself,” Stipendiary Magistrate Frank Caldwell said.

The defendant said he would return to sheering as it was "good, hard physical work” that would help him overcome his drinking.

Vandals smashed up the Catholic cemetery in Bundaberg but debate ranged over who was actually to blame.
Vandals smashed up the Catholic cemetery in Bundaberg but debate ranged over who was actually to blame. Alistair Brightman

Youths found not guilty

TWO Bundaberg youths were found not guilty of damaging grave sites at the Roman Catholic Cemetery in Bundaberg on August 29, 1987.

In February 1988, the youths appeared in court over the matter.

The two boys pleaded not guilty to damaging 143 grave domes at the cemetery behind Shalom College.

It was alleged the pair had headed to the area for a drinking session with two other boys who had been drinking beer and wine before walking through the cemetery where the damage was done.

One of the two boys facing court said there was no way he and the other accused teen had done what was claimed, and said the other two boys were lying if they claimed it had been the case.

A lawyer for the accused argued that it had in fact been the other two boys who carried out the offences.

The court heard that at some stage during that night a car had been stolen and driven to the Sunshine Coast, but on a return journey to Bundaberg it was involved in a crash at Childers that left one of the accused boys with a broken leg.

He pleaded guilty to stealing the car and was place on three years' probation.

He was also ordered to pay $1000, in whatever amounts he could afford, to the man he had stolen the car from.

Judge Shanahan told the boy he was lucky to be alive, and urged him to think very carefully before drinking again.

Meanwhile, the other accused boy was charged with using the stolen car, stealing a bike, breaking into a house, stealing a second bike, attempting a break and enter of the Bundaberg Rugby League Club and a break and enter of the Western Suburbs Leagues Club where he stole chips, cigarettes, spirits and beer valued at $268.20.

He was placed on three years' probation and ordered to pay $1000 to the first person whose bike he stole.

He was also ordered to reimburse Western Suburbs for what he stole.

Both bikes were ordered to be returned to their owners.

A letter writer was so concerned about the rate of youth alcohol abuse in 1988 that they wrote a letter to the editor urging parents to set a good example at home.

"I would suggest that the main concern of those parents or others who encourage children to drink, it to justify their own drinking,” PM Robertson wrote.

"Those who are concerned about children drinking should take action against sporting bodies which encourage high school students, or maybe younger, to drink.”

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