Flash and Arrow: Life's not easy for a superhero

HIS name is Oliver Queen, and it's been a tough few years.

As the vigilante previously known as the Hood, now the Arrow, Oliver has his fair share of struggles. People keep trying to take over his city, the League of Assassins has a personal vendetta against him, his kid sister appears to be becoming the show's next Big Bad, and his girl friday is getting all friendly with Clark Kent (ahem) I mean Ray Palmer.

Add to all of that, that weird nerd Barry Allen he met last year, who's been in a coma for a while, is now awake and a superhero - with a suit and a team and actual superpowers. Ollie just can't catch a break.

Barry, however, can catch pretty much anything you throw at him. Meet the Flash, and he's here to stay - or is he?

Barry has his own problems. The love of his life is dating someone else, superpowered "metahumans" seem to be focused on revenge or world domination, and he is bad at the whole secret identity thing. Really bad. The first time he went out in the suit, his mask came off. Come on, buddy.

These shows are intertwined. Best to alternate viewing.

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