Fixtures and results



Week 1 Draw 2013 Winter Season 4:15pm Crt 1 U12 Mixed Lakers Vs Warriors Crt3 U12 Storm Vs U14 Thunder

Refs: Sami Bainbridge, Demi Jenkins

Coaches: Carol Weyling, Mark Gray, Sean Mullaney, Karla Cameron

4:55pm Crt1 U14 Mixed Magic All Stars Vs Lakers All Stars Crt3 U14 Mixed Storm All Stars Vs Warriors

Refs: Bailey Jenkins, Max Pickard, Izzy Richardson, QBL Player

Coaches:, Emma Frawley, Carol Weyling, Jamie Irvine, Sean Mullaney

5:35pm Crt1 U16 Boys Storm Vs Warriors Crt3 U16 Boys Magic Vs Lakers

Refs: Caitlin Edgar, Luke Pickard, Julian Ebert, Campbell Duncan

Coaches: Jamie Hanson, Mick Harman, Duane Barron, QBL Player

6:15pm Crt1 U16/18 Girls Teams made up at game time

Refs: Anthony Schlotzer, Caitlin Clancy

Coaches: Gordi Hard, Ashley Bailey

6:55pm Crt1 U18 Boys Teams made up at game time

Refs: Glen Jenkins, QBL Player

Coaches: Geoff Ebert, Scott Muldoon



Weekly Chess Update from Bundaberg Chess Club Inc for week ending yesterday.


On Monday 3 adults attended.

In the B Grade of the Club 2013 Championships Peter (1233) defeated Allan (902)

On Wednesday 14 players attended.

Wide Bay North School Team Championships

The second round of these championships will now be held at Thabeban and not Walkervale on Wednesday. Two Move Chess Problem

There were no replies so will not put any more in for a while.

Special Promotion

As a special promotion no playing fees will be payable on Monday nights until June 30.

Chess Etiquette/Chess Rules

If any member has any queries about chess etiquette or chess rules, please email me and I shall try to answer it for you.

What if you are playing a player who continually gets up from the table and walks around to see what is happening in other games in progress? You can complain to the Arbiter that the player is distracting you by getting up from the table and walking around a lot. The Arbiter may say to the player concerned to please not get up and walk around so much as it is distracting the players opponent . However if the player continues to do it there is really not much you can do.

Club Ratings

The club ratings as at April have now been completed. CAQ and QJ ratings have been used as a guide. If there are no CAQ ratings or QJ ratings available, a best judgment has been made.

If you disagree with the rating allocated, then all you have to do is to play a higher rated player and win against that player two times running. Clocks must be used with at least 20 minutes on each clock. You will then be allocated a rating similar to the player you defeated two times running. I hope you all think that is fair!!!

Great Chess Learning Sites

If you want a great site to improve your chess go to and click on the item how to get to 1900.

Adults and Children can benefit by using the site.

Also is a good site for children (and maybe adults also!!)

No Weekday Tournament for Children

There will be no tournament for children on Thursday 4 July, the last Thursday of the June/July school holidays.

Three Monthly Dinner

It has been decided to hold the Dinner at John's Chinese Restaurant Elliott Heads Road on Friday 24 May. Mark your diaries!!!

Future Children's Tournaments on Sundays in 2013:-

Sunday, May 26, July 28, August 25, October 27, November 24.

Venue for the children's tournaments is the U3A rooms, 80a Woongarra Street. Registration by 8.50 am. First game to commence at 9 am. Nine or ten round swiss depending on the number of entrants. $8 playing fee. Cash prizes and voucher lucky draws!!

There will be the usual GP for 2013 for the children with $160 total prize money. The scoring will be a bit different this year. Just for competing, children will receive three points each Sunday! Also if a child wins against a higher rated player they will receive one and a half points instead of one point!! If the rating difference is more than 200 then they will get two points. This is to make things a bit more interesting!!! QJ ratings will be used where possible.

A random cash draw of $25 will be held each Sunday to give every child competing a chance to win a cash prize!!!

Results for all Children's tournaments will be submitted for QJ rating.

Date for One Dayer in Bundaberg for both adults and children:-

May (venue the U3A club rooms)(Adults and Children)

Registration by 9.30 am First game 9.40 am. Nine or ten round swiss depending on nominations. Playing fees Adults $10 Children $8

A random draw of $25 will be held to give every competitor a chance to win a cash prize!!

The tournament results will be submitted for QJ rating, but not ACF rating.

Private Chess Tuition

The Club can now arrange private chess tuition in your own home during the day or in the evening, at very reasonable rates. Please contact the Secretary for further information.

The offer is also open to adults!! The children being taught and those who have been taught are performing very well in children's tournaments!!

The Club is starting to get more enquiries.

School Tutoring

Goodwood and Moore Park are looking for voluntary chess tutors. No pay but the club can cover fuel expenses!! If you are interested please contact the Secretary. Goodwood School and Moore Park School have teams in local tournaments at times.

Gary teaches at St Patricks and Gooburrum.



Reserve Champion Male - Smith Family

Champion Male - Smith Family

Reserve Champion Female - Smith Family

Champion Female - Smith Family

Reserve Champion Pen - B. Mikkelsen

Champion Pen - Smith Family

YOUNG JUDGES (Prime Cattle):

15 yrs & under 25 1st - Kirsten Vanclooster

2nd - Brady Jackson

Under 15 yrs 1st - Simon Kinbacher / Cassie Johnston

2nd - Blake Bechly


Reserve Junior Champion Female - Karingal Bella / Docs Droughtmasters

Junior Champion Female - Billabong Arabella / Billabong Droughtmasters

Reserve Senior Champion Female - Bundy Ariat / Bundy Droughtmasters

Senior Champion Female - Birch L'Amour / Birch Droughtmasters

Reserve Junior Champion Bull - Billabong Abercrombie / Billabong Droughtmasters

Junior Champion Bull - Bundy Commando / Bundy Droughtmasters

Reserve Senior Champion Bull - Garthowen Warrior / Kinbacher Family

Senior Champion Bull - Bundy Droughtmasters

Grand Champion Female - Billabong Arabella / Billabong Droughtmasters

Grand Champion Bull - Bundy Droughtmasters

Champion Stud Beef Exhibit - Bundy Droughtmasters

YOUNG JUDGES (Stud Cattle):

15 yrs & under 25 yrs 1st - Stevie Jackson

2nd - Brady Jackson

3rd - Kirsten Vanclooster

Under 15 yrs 1st - Simon Kinbacher

2nd - Nanci Wilson


15 yrs & under 25 yrs 1st - Amy Birch

2nd - Cassie Wilson

3rd - Lucy Kinbacher / Stevie Jackson

Under 15 yrs 1st - Simon Kinbacher

2nd - Nanci Wilson

WOODCHOP EVENTS: Division A 325mm SB - Brian Wagner

Division B 300mm SB - Mark Russell

Division C 275mm SB - Barry Hinze

Division D 250mm SB - Kurt Dingle

13 - 18 years 250mm UH - Kurt Dingle


1st Natel Ruby / Paul Wroe

2nd Electra Indy / Barry Hughes

3rd Chelbrook Becky / Glenn Dickson

4th Chelbrook Milly / Glenn Dickson

5th Big Flat Rock / Rob Callcott

6th Pandanus Bronze / Rob Callcott


Champion Led Pony - Emily Myers

Champion Junior Rider - Amber Holt

Champion Senior Rider - Emily Myers


Most Points Flowers & Floral Art - Anne Maynard

Most Points Cooking, Jams & Preserves - Margaret Mollenhagen

Most Points Under 18 year old - Lucy Kinbacher

Most Entries Under 18 year old - Lucy Kinbacher

Most Points High School - Paige Wallace / Jackson Blyton

Most Points Primary School - Blake Wallace

Most Points Floral Art - Anne Maynard

Most Points Cooking - Margaret Mollenhagen

Most Points Jams & Preserves - Margaret Mollenhagen

Most Points Farm Produce - Margaret Mollenhagen

Most Points Needlework - Denise Shield

Most Points Crafts - Margaret Jones

Most Points Fine Arts - Ross Driver

Most Points Photography - Christiane Lohrbaecher

Most Points Novice Classes in Pavilion - Alice Dingle

Champion Pot Plant - Anne Maynard

Champion Orchid - Colleen Allen

Champion Bloom of the Show - Rae Watson

Champion Non-Flowering Exhibit - Anne Maynard

Champion Floral Arrangement - Barbara McKay

Champion Cake - Margaret Mollenhagen

Champion Exhibit (other than a cake) - Margaret Mollenhagen

Champion Exhibit (cooking) (Novice) - Alice Dingle

Champion Jam or Preserve - Patty Klaassen

Champion Vegetable - Jennifer Parry

Champion Exhibit other than a Vegetable - Rae Watson

Champion of Champions (Farm Produce) - Rae Watson

Champion Piece of Fine Crochet - Denise Shield

Champion Piece of Crochet - Denise Shield

Champion Piece of Knitting - Margaret Jones

Champion Piece of Embroidery - Glennis Goodman

Champion Piece of Machine/Hand Sewing - Patty Klaassen

Champion Piece of Miscellaneous Needlework - Margaret Franicevic

Champion Craft Exhibit - Margaret Jones

Champion Fine Art Exhibit - Ross Driver

Champion Photography Exhibit - Christiane Lohrbaecher

Champion Schoolwork Exhibit (girl) - Jade Golding

Champion Schoolwork Exhibit (boy) - Jack Curtis

Winner of the Raffle - Gin Gin IGA Vouchers

· $100.00 - Kay Wharton

· $100.00 - Allan Houston

· $50.00 - Braden Coates

· $50.00 - Meredith Nelson

· $50.00 - Constance Porter

· $50.00 - Sandy Landers

Winner of Guess the Weight Competition - Braden Coates (724kg)

Winners Tangled Word Competition 1. Sandra Wallace

2. Noela Clarey




RACE 1: DES ALLEN &CO FUNERALS MAIDEN 460M 1.30PM 1.Ledaro Tara, 2.Jet Vale, 3.Vacant, 4.Jubilee Twist, 5.Phone Banking, 6.Vacant, 7.Pay The Vet, 8.Crazy Koolboo. RACE 2: CRAFT RENTAL &PARTY HIRE NOVICE 460M 1.50PM 1.Arab Jungle, 2.Gangster's Guess, 3.Franklin Bound, 4.Mortella, 5.Vacant, 6.Ledaro Darcy, 7.Pretty Fast, 8.Kikem Sweety. RACE 3: D.J.T. ENTERPRISES 5TH GRADE 460M 2.10PM 1.Go Gentle, 2.Spiral Assassin, 3.Four Way Heat, 5.Amador, 6.Cuddles No More, 6.Vitrinite, 7. Black Kohl 8.What Ever Guess. RACE 4: DGZ CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS 5TH GRADE 460m 2.30pm 1.Oz Struck, 2.Enterprise, 3.Elemental, 4.Absorbing Speed, 5.Farmor Classic, 6.Lily's On Fire, 7.Ledaro Jethro, 8.Tail It Up. RACE 5: BUNDY CHOP SHOP 4TH GRADE 460M 2.50PM 1.Kayfer, 2.Amazing Feet, 3.Vacant, 4.Cold Vengeance, 5.Jamie Lee Trick, 6.Vacant, 7.Lorenzo's Gold, 8.Koolboo Kreme. RACE 6: CENTURY 21 REAL ESTATE BEST 8 460M 3.10PM 1.Magic Amerizo, 2.Mimasaurus, 3.Vacant, 4.Blu Sorella, 5.Vacant, 6.Beware The Boss, 7.Vacant, 8.Cambla Kid. RACE 7: CRYSTALGEM TROPHIES 3RD/4TH GRADE 550M 3.30PM 1.Lay Down Teddy, 2.Luna Racer, 3. Vacant, 4.Jimmy Butterfly, 5.Vacant, 6.Marlie's Money, 7.Vacant, 8.Moss Gambo. RACE 8: DARREN TAYLOR 5TH GRADE 460M 3.50PM 1.Good Enough, 2.Knock Me, 3.Farmor For Us, 4.Yap Yap Panda, 5.Shaker Lady, 6.Beer On Four, 7.Notorious Blonde, 8.Ledaro Blaze.



Results for Thursday.

Mascot Ladies Squash

Emeralds 3-9-101 d Rubies 2-7-95

Shirley Gough 0 0 12 lt Sandra Killer 1-3-27

Jan Glanfield 1-3-27 d Katrina Carey 0-0-9

Coral Stewart 0-0-2 lt Shelley Barritt 1-3-27

Elizabeth Schmeider 1-3-33 d Penelope Russo 0-1-26

Leah Whalley 1-3-27 d Freya Morrison 0-0-6

Opals 3-9-120 d Diamonds 2-7-102

Agnes Wone 1-3-28 d Shirley Gough 0-0-16

Jan Glanfield (2nd) 0-0-18 lt Kaye Campbell (res) 1-3-27

Anna Meloury 1-3-31 d Judi resor 0-1-25

Alison Beentjes (res) 0-0-16 lt Kaye Armstrong 1-3-28

Pam Donnelly 1-3-27 d Jan-Marie Douglas 0-0-6

Garnets 3-10-131 d Sapphires 2-11-153

Beryl Boge 1-3-41 d Rhonda Williams 0-2-40

Ann Engstrom 1-3-28 d Gaby Heironymus 0-1-22

Jane Streeter 0-1-18 lt Filomena Jamieson 1-3-33

Doss Bozier 0-0-12 lt Donna Bentlin 1-3-27

Tammy Barritt 1-3-32 d Sally Morrison 0-2-31

No squash on Anzac Day.



Draw Monday.


1 Eastenders v Scorgasms (E.Whitworth)

2 All in Stone v Bullants (M.Hochen)

3 Blackwoods v BB Blasters (C.Dunn)

4 CMC v Bamm K Zest (J.Gordon)

5 B.P Oilers v Office National (S.Cavanough)

6 Kaylas Expertease v Water Rats (B.Oliver)

7 Crackers v Hotsteppers (A.Gordon)

8 Jago's Gypsys v Team Hunt (D.Dunn)


1 Shockers v Disciples (D.Dunn)

2 Nufan v TNT (M.Hochen)

3 Lil Fockers v Callstacks (C.Dunn)

4 Printcipal Designs v Can't Touch This (S.Cavanough)

5 Cover it Resurfacing v BDB (E.Whitworth)

6 McHugh Steel v Woodmac (A.Gordon)

7 Misfits v Inkredibles (M.McPhilomey)

8 McColms v Bundy Sups (J.Gordon)


1 FBI v Ace (M.Hochen)

2 I.C.F v Presidents 11 (E.Whitworth)

3 The Screws v The Crusaders (D.Dunn)

4 The Chasers v Superior Pak (M.Mason)

5 Zonks v Proton Pills (M.McPhilomey)

6 Tatts Rats v Lemura Construction (B.Pimm)



DRAW FOR Bundaberg Netball Association to be played at Daph Geddes Park tomorrow. Nipper Umpires 11.00-12.00pm. H Austin, T Walmsley, K Roberts, J Edwards, T Allen, D Kuyler, N Birrell. R Kaye.

1pm - Ct 2. Alloway 8 v Natives 6 (J Gahan, O Wadsworth). Ct 4. ATW Maroons v Brothers Blizzards (A Brooks, C Daniels). Ct 6. Alloway 9 v Natives 8 (L O'Sullivan, T Batt). Ct 1. Alloway 10 v Natives 9 (M Young, J Burgess). Ct 3. Alloway 11 v Wests Kittens (R Anderson, A Oates). Ct 5. ATW Breakers v Brothers Twisters (A Floyd, B Gosper). Ct 7. ATW Rollers v Brothers Rainbows (T Bagley, S Trigger).

2pm - Ct 7. Alloway 2 v ATW Royals (N Baumgartner, B Royan). Ct 2. ATW Silver v Brothers Volcanoes (S Walmsley, C Daniels). Ct 4. Blazers Metro v Brothers Typhoons (T Ford, B Wallace). Ct 8. ATW Green v Brothers Tornadoes (J Downie, K Collin). Ct 5. Alloway 6 v Natives 2 (I Linclon, K Clarey). Ct 6. Brothers Thunder v Natives 5 (E Turner, E Pettis). Ct 8. ATW Reds v Natives 7 (A Brooks, T McPae). Ct 6. Alloway 12 v Natives 10 (C Linclon, J Obst).

3pm - Ct 4. Alloway 1 v Blazers Luxfield (D Muller, H Mollenhagen). Ct 2. ATW Blue v Brothers Hurricanes (N Cross, K Collin). Ct 3. Alloway 5 v Wests Blackcats (L O'Sullivan, L Carney). Ct 6. Brothers Storms v Natives 3 (M Stack, T Harbourne). Ct 8. ATW Emeralds v Wests Tigers (C Holloway, J Dallas). Ct 9. ATW Sharks v Brothers Whirlwinds (M Clarey, K Bauer). Ct 5. Alloway 7 v Natives 4 (E Peddlesden, P Quartermain). Ct 7. ATW Opals v ATW Sapphires (M Bradford. S Richardson).

4pm - Ct 2. ATW Gold v Brothers Cyclones (C Wiseman, D Corrigan). Ct 7. Alloway 3 v Natives 1 ) L Carney, K Dodd). Ct 3. ATW Purple v Brothers Lightning (W Warren, C Ram). Ct 4. Alloway 4 v Brothers Tsunami (E Peddlesden, E Parsons). Ct 6. Blazers WBML v Wests Megacats (B Wallace, L O'Leary).


DRAW FOR Bundaberg Indoor Sports Centre 29 Bolewski St.

Monday 6.00 - Sapphires v Net Nailers (Lyn, Jamie). Avoca IGA v Repees (Shelley, Casey). 6.45 - The Unpredicitables v Wii Unfit (Charmaine, Demi). Bundy Bears v Jordannas (Shelley, Jamie). 7.30 - Blue v Honey Bums (Charmaine, Betty). Tenpins v In The Pink (Heather, Shelley). 8.15 - Skittles v B-RADS (Heather, Casey). Blooms v Flogged (Betty, Rachelle). 9.00 - Bright Sparks v Pink Panthers (Betty, Erin). United v Jetts (Shelley, Louise).

Tuesday. 4.00 - Junior C/B 7,8,9,10 (Betty, Lyn). 5.00 - Junior A 10,11,12, (Betty, Lyn). 6.00 - Yolo v Golden Girls (Charmaine, Demi). Smurfs v Cruisers (Betty, Jamie). 6.45 - The Preppies v Rebels (Charmaine, Tabitha). Who Cares v Cheetahs (Heather, Rachelle). 7.30 - Wombles v Charli's Angels (Shelley, Kelly). Charter Boat v City Gals (Heather, Rachelle). 8.15 - Average Joes v Dynamite Divas (Shelley, Charmaine). Feeding The Ducks v GCT (Noela, Kelly). 9.00 - Pascals v Monkey Bones (Noela, Shelley). Perdect Storms v Bauers Butchery Blitz (Lyn, Kelly).

Friday. 6.00 - Gypsies v Soup-A-Stars (Shelley, Noela). That Team v Shazzam (Betty, Casey). 6.45 - Bundy Bogans v Remix (Shelley, Rachelle). Vanilla Thunder v ANP Legends (Betty, Casey). 7.30 - Wipeouts v Motley Crew (Betty, Katherine). Bazinga v Swoosh (Noela, Shelley). 8.15 - Better With Beer v Path-Air-tics (Noela, Rachelle).

Byes Slick Chicks, Happy Chaps, Pink Ladies.

For more information contact Lyn 41528298, the centre 41531911 or Bree 0412527718.



Draw Monday 29th April


Court 1 Dig This v Hell No (Court Duty - Hit & Miss)

Court 2 Lollipops v Impact (Court Duty - Scared Hitless)


Court 1 Spikes v Hit & Miss (Court Duty - Dig This)

Court 2 St Luke's v Scared Hitless (Court Duty - Hell No)

Registration with QVA is due - $40 per adult, $30 per Junior (U/19). Please ensure you provide representatives from your team for Court Duty. New players and teams are always welcome. Please contact Sheree on 0488721186 with any queries.

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