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SCORES AND DRAWS: Send your fixtures and results to Kevin Farmer




Monday 12/6/17

North/South - Rocco Patamisi and Alison Bretag (1)

Selwyn Nitschke andberyl Tetzlaff(2)

East/West - Beris Wright Hazel andGoodman-Jones (1)

Pat Faircloth and Carol Christensen (2)

Wednesday 14/6/17

Barbara Hickman Pairs week 1 - Handicap

North/South - Noel Potterand Coralee Smith(1)

Judith Zeller and Judith Bell(2)

East/West - Trevor Galletly and Selwyn Nitschke(1)

Robyn Demnar and Heinrich Glatter(2)

Thursday 15/6/17

North/South - Kevin Chapman and Trevor Galletly(1)

Esat /West Leslie Palmer and Em Titmarsh(1)

Friday 18/6/17 handicap

North/South - Se Rocco Patamisi and Alison Bretag (1)

Selwyn Nitschke and Mike Verdel (2)

East/West - Jan Lohse and June Ronning (1)

Lorna Bright and Dave Bright (2)





1 No. 6 Lorde Cerine - $1.40

2 No. 1 Classy Cambla - $10.00

3 No. 4 Barcia Night - $12.00

Others: Cambla Spark, Cambla Baby, Cambla Drummer, Cambla Waffle, Glamorous Cambla

Scratched: Nil

Time: 27.19 Margins: 8 ¼ - 1 ¾

Owned by: Ronald Brook

Trained by: Ronald Brook



1 No. 3 Cambla Darling - $10.00

2 No. 7 Peter Perfect - $1.80

3 No. 1 Notre Cambla - $6.00

Others: Sharp Azz El, Pearly Whites, Moet Girl, Nedgo Dale, Mighty Murray

Scratched: Nil

Time: 27.28 Margins: 2 - head

Owned by: Louise Cameron

Trained by: Louise Cameron



1 No. 1 My Mojo - $6.00

2 No. 2 Gudera Kittyhawk - $2.80

3 No. 4 Devil Dome - $2.80

Others: Wilby Awesome, Not My Time, Ella's Lolliepop, Kinky Cambla, Werina Flash

Scratched: Nil

Time: 27.17 Margins: 1 - head

Owned by: Michael James

Trained by: Michael James


MIXED 3/4 - 460M

1 No. 4 Hurricane Hansi - $7.00

2 No. 8 Mr. Reality - $4.80

3 No. 3 Korong - $2.50

Others: Two Beers, Paris Lights, Yes Geronomo, Spot the Dot, Thurrungo

Scratched: Nil

Time: 26.89 Margins: 1 ½ - neck

Owned by: Trent Thorley

Trained by: Narelle Mulcahy


GRADE 5 (1) - 460M

1 No. 7 Cia Kahn - $3.00

2 No. 3 Kissy Fiesta - $2.80

3 No. 1 Rocket's Angel - $4.40

Others: Fast And Serious, Luke's Way, Pair of Aces, Bill's Flash, Magic Craft

Scratched: Nil

Time: 26.72 Margins: 2 ½ - ¾

Owned by: Elizabeth Griffin

Trained by: Elizabeth Griffin


GRADE 5 (2) - 460M

1 No. 4 Express Leo - $3.00

2 No. 8 Dance With Wolf - $2.70

3 No. 5 Good Boy Seamus - $15.00

Others: Betty Fay, Bella Sprite, Bet You Will, Shavasana, Sam Card

Scratched: Nil

Time: 27.05 Margins: 3 - ½ head

Owned by: Tracey Kunde

Trained by: Tracey Kunde


MIXED 4/5 - 460M

1 No. 2 Havoc and Mayhem - $4.40

2 No. 9 Mohican Lad - $3.00

3 No. Regina Reward - $5.00

Others: Kyoto Kahn, Ho Choi, Mystic Kahn, Pure Lee Cruisy, Celebrity Ink

Scratched: Movie Fever

Time: 27.14 Margins: ½ - 1

Owned by: Lin Kent

Trained by: Lin Kent


OPEN - 550M

1 No. 8 Fast Azz El - $2.30

2 No. 3 El Chad - $2.20

3 No. Perez - $2.20

Others: Magic Maiden, Diamond Robyne, Velocity Mia, Blizzard Blitz, Nanny Char Char

Scratched: Nil

Time: 31.51 Margins: 3 ½ - 1 ¾

Owned by: Steven Martin

Trained by: Rusty Dillon



Results for Bundaberg Indoor Sports Centre played at 29 Bolewski St.

Slammit d Strikers 52-37, (K Fleming, A Tobin, L Laskai). Black Bettys d DAH 55-50, (C Prossliner, C Brimelow, Z Huddlestone). Sprites d Roar 49-46, (S Van Kruining, K Hamilton, B Nicol). The AB's d The Bankers 42-20, (E Wust, A Walker, K Franz). Whipits d NFI 67-25, (C Brooks, S Black, L Garland). Happy Chaps d Golden Girls 38-33, (M Hartshorne, R Black, A Williams). Bundy Bears d Smurfs 46-21, (L Baker, A Andrews, J Sanderson). Bright Sparks d Destructive Divas 44-43, (T Harbourne, K Church, D Currie). Haz Beenz 2.0 d Tryhards 34-29, (S Brennan, D Buckholz, M Locke). Bauers Butchery Blitz d Hotshots 56-46, (B Lee, K Bauer, B Steele). Fired Up d Silent Killers 57-35, (L Amos, S Woodrow, B Steele). Nailed It d Gonna Make U Sweat 46-33, (C Greenley, M Semens, A Bauer). Norks n Nads d Just for Fun 34-23, (S Stirling, S Rehbein, B Fenson). Under Dogs d Swish Sisters 57-26, (J Aspinal Tardent, R Sharp, C Van Kooten).



Div 1 - Alloway Blue def ATW Gold 57/47 - Emily Arnold, Hayley Savage, Casey Daniel

Div 1 - Blazers Metro def Alloway Purple 58/32 - Abbie Floyd, Brittany Roll, Ella Sommer Liverton

Div 1 - Natives Magpies def ATW Blue 26/21 - Lainey Thorpe, Shannon Searle, Renni Dwyer

Div 1 - Brothers Hurricanes def ATW Silver 41/31 - Demi Burgess, Sharni Narayan, Riley Dallas

Div 2 - Brothers Cyclones def Alloway 1 71/23 - K. Hull, K. D'Albret, K. Cory

Div 2 - Fusion Sandhills def Wests Wildcats 67/40 - J. Bentley, N. Tairawhiti, J. Walmsley

Div 2 - Natives Firetails def Natives Swans 55/36 - S. Nash, T. Hussey, Hallie Kuorikoski

Div 2 - ATW Purple def ATW Reds 45/33 - O. O'Beirne, M. Redgard, E. Hutchinson

Div 3 - Natives Galahs drew with ATW Royals 34/34 - E. Honohoe-Dix, G. Tranent, N. Dwyer

Div 3 - Brothers Twisters def Fusion CC Physio 39/27 - C. Ash, D. Brown, P. Anderson

Div 3 - Brothers Typhoons def Alloway 2 36/33 - E. Scott, K. Bell, L. Kriel

Div 4 - Alloway 3 def Natives Kookaburras 36/32 - W. Warren, R. Heap, S. Bainbridge

Div 4 - ATW Sapphires def Brothers Lightning 43/34 - M. Batt, L. O'Leary, I. Hassell

Div 5 - ATW Rubies def Fusion YMCA 32/19 - A. Dalrymple, S. Cathie, S. McCracken

Div 5 - Wests Panthers def Alloway 4 42/19 - S. Heffler, M. Zande

Div 6 - Brothers Storm def Alloway 5 50/33 - K. Garwood, K. Hassell, M. Holloway

Div 6 - Wests Megas def Blazers Red 34/28 - N. Miller, C. Tanna, M. Kime

Div 7 - Natives Eagles def Brothers Tsunami 35/22 - A. McLean, H. Ferguson, L. Moore

Div 7 - Alloway 6 def Natives Budgies 21/10 - A. Roelofs, M. Gilby, J. Mason

Div 8 - Natives Rosellas def ATW Maroons 32/13 - J. Clarke, C. Howarth, P. Kaufusi

Div 8 - Alloway 7 def Brothers Thunder 35/22 - E. Peterson, E. Boge, I. Gill

Div 9 - Alloway 8 def Natives Fantails 28/10 - L. Stone, M. Clary, A. Walters

Div 9 - Wests Tigers def Brothers Avalanches 24/17 - T. Royan, A. Zande, H. Bentley

Div 9 - Natives Parrots def Brothers Earthquakes 34/22 - M. Baldry, G. Bonanno, T. Wallace

Div 10 - Natives Ravens def Brothers Whirlwinds 18/13 - J. Manski, S. Woods, E. Evans

Div 10 - Alloway 9 def Fusion Force 28/24 - K. Lloyd-Jones, S. Hocking, C. Lassig

Div 10 - Brothers Wildfires def Natives Kingfishers 30/15 - S. Moore, C. McNamara, H. Cahill

Div 11 - Alloway 10 def Brothers Blizzards 37/6 - L. Richter, K. Lloyd-Jones, K. Freeman

Div 11 - ATW Diamonds def Natives Lyrebirds 20/10 - E. Johnson, E Ferguson, E. Cislowski


Bundaberg Homing Pigeon Club

The Bundaberg Homing Pigeon Club continued its sprint series with the release of 502 pigeons from Calliope as the starters represented 5 lofts from Gin Gin and 19 from the BHPC.

Perfect racing conditions greeted the birds on release with a moderate south to south-east wind again negating the weather bias across the finish line however with the pull of over 100 Gin Gin entries it was expected the city to the west could be the better going.

The event staged the semi-final of the pairs elimination "it's a knockout” and when the velocities were posted the last two lofts in contention for next week's final are Alan Tomlins and Joe Schembri.

The western pull never eventuated and again the lofts located on the pacific rim figured in the top 6.

The leader board pursuit between Dave Burgess and Joe Schembri maintains its momentum, only three points separate the pair.

In the Juniors, Joel Hobson reversed last week's performance when his Blue Checkered Cock nailed the finish with a two-minute lead over the opposition.

Results - top six

1st Dave Burgess velocity 1108.864 m/m

2nd Joe Schembri 1079.636m/m

3rd Dereck Newman 1048.265m/m

4th John Smith 1040.960m/m

5th Cactus Garden 1036.246m/m

6th Rick Valks 1035.772m/m

Congratulations to the place getters. Basketing for Ambrose is 5pm Friday night.

'Load em lock em' then dine at Greg's Kitchen. Go there.

Bundaberg Racing Pigeon Club

This week's race results from first Tannum Sands, a nominal distance of approximately 135km overall, flown on 10/06/17 and liberated at 9am.

BRPC Inc. results: 1st T. Starr velocity 1054.855 m/m; 2nd Jean Starr 1053.243 m/m; 3rd D and K Hamilton 1042.345 m/m; 4th N. Dickinson 982.267 and 5th Sonico Lofts 982.154.

The winning pigeon was BRPC 16 425 Blue Bar, Hen and flew the journey in two hours, 21 minutes and 34 seconds. Ted was a mere 13 seconds ahead of 2nd place and one minute 37 seconds ahead of third place.

Achieving his first win for the season, the smile on Teds face just said it all.

Again, Duncan and Kym won the "it's in the bag” pool bird competition, pooling the same pigeon from last week.

This pigeon was only 0.3 of a second from winning the bag of peas, phew that is close. "When they are hot they are hot,” Duncan said.

MRPC. results: 1st Jim Mullett velocity 896.665 m/m; 2nd Mark Hofer 894.143 m/m and the MRPC Junior; Henry Mullett velocity 846.926 m/m. The winning pigeon was BRPC 16917 Blue Chequer Cock and flew the journey in two hours, 10 minutes and 49 seconds. A very close competition this week with only 22 seconds determining the 1st place.

Also, young Henry Mullett clocked a very competitive pigeon. Well done Henry.

There were eight seniors and one junior competing with a total of 194 pigeons in this week's race, resulting in excellent returns again.

Congratulations to all the place getters from both Clubs. Basketing for the first Port Alma is this Friday June 23 at 5.30pm at the BRPC Inc. Clubhouse on Skyring Street in East Bundaberg. Racing pigeons is a wonderful sport.


Drinan Park

We are definitely at the business end of season two. Last round coming up before finals on June 28. Good luck to all teams.

Last week's results saw Team 1 (Rob Hardie, Kumar Panchal), Team 2 (Brian Doughty, Jason Wickham) and Team 3 (Brent Illingworth, Chris Waghorne) all winning two sets each. Team 4 (Tomas O'Malley, Shannon Newton) won one set for the night and Team 6 (Brett Leacy, Robyn Andersen) weren't successful however offered some great competition.

The A-grade tournament has shown a real mixture of results. Team A1 (Mark Roberts, Brodie Klotz, Jackson Paul, Sue Howard) defeated Team A6 (Harry Ballinger, Shirley Leacy, Roxanne Penny, Alex Logan) 36-7. Team A4 (Brendan Burmeister, Geoff Chivers, Jenny Gregg, Syd Poole (res)) were successful against Team A3 (Rob Miller, Shane Cella, Barbera Tanner, Glenn Andersen) 34-16. A great battle between A7 (Scott Poole, Rob Dickie, Emily Kunst, Annette Phillipa) and A5 (Ian Pike, Michelle Donley, Jan Jagers, Jim Hansen) saw A7 come out on top by 1 point - winning 30-29.

Just a friendly reminder that this week's games (tonight) will start at 6.30pm so we can finish to all enjoy the State of Origin game - food provided.

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