SCORES AND DRAWS: Send your fixtures and results to
SCORES AND DRAWS: Send your fixtures and results to Kevin Farmer




Monday 3/7/17

North /South

Maureen Carson - Kevin Carson (1)

Ian Bloore - Paul Wadel (2)

East /West

Betty Theodore - Lydia George (1)

Judith Zeller - Judith Bell (2)

Wednesday 5/7/17

North /South

Neville Cotter - Daphne Pitt (1)

Susie Stevens - Jim Stevens (2)


Steve Taylor - Helen Manzau (1)

Rocco Patamisi - Alison Bretag (2)

Thursday 6/7/17


Maureen Carson - Kevin Carson(1)

Trevor Galletly - Bruce Kuhnell (2)


Joanna Galletly - Shirley Pennington(1)

Val Liddle - Adele See (2)

Friday 7/7/17


Mike Verdel - Patricia Lake (1)

Peter Gordon - Lydia George (2)

East /West

Heather Young - Julie Farmer (1)

Jan Lohse - June Ronning (2)





1 No. 4 Dottie's Image - $2.20

2 No. 7 Classy Cambla - $4.00

3 No. 3 Diesel Soot - $1.80

Others: Cambla Waffle, Cambla Drummer

Scratched: Cambla Baby, Cambla Spark

Time: 27.25 Margins: 4 ¾ - neck

Owned by: Alan Raines

Trained by: David Raines



1 No. 4 Dodgy Credit - $1.80

2 No. 8 Gudera Kittyhawk - $2.70

3 No. 2 Lorde Cerine - $2.40

Others: Pearly Whites, Notre Cambla, Ella's Lolliepop

Scratched: No. 3 Devil Dome

Time: 26.77 Margins: 3 ¼ - 4

Owned by: David Plummer

Trained by: Marie Richards


5PW - 460M

1 No. 4 Pure Lee Cruisy - $2.40

2 No. 8 Bella Sprite - $3.00

3 No. 2 Magic Joan - $4.00

Others: Rhondda Miner, Kinky Cambla, Ho Choi

Scratched: Statue Bro

Time: 27.03 Margins: head - 1 ¾

Owned by: Steve Martin

Trained by: John Watts


GRADE 5 (1) - 460M

1 No. 2 Kyoto Kahn - $2.10

2 No. 7 Lady Glen - $2.60

3 No. 5 Hypnotise Eyes - $2.70

Others: Party Chic, Wilby Awesome, Summer's Prancer

Scratched: Nil

Time: 26.70 Margins: 4 ¼ - 2

Owned by: Elizabeth Griffin

Trained by: Elizabeth Griffin


GRADE 5 (2) - 460M

1 No. 5 Wilby Online - $1.40

2 No. 1 Hassie's Hassle - $4.00

3 No. 7 Sharp Azz El - $3.50

Others: Luke's Way, Nedgo Heather, Kissy Fiesta

Scratched: Nil

Time: 26.57 Margins: 5 ½ - 2 ½

Owned by: Paul Burgess

Trained by: Paul Burgess


GRADE 5 (3) - 460M

1 No. 8 Regina Reward - $5.00

2 No. 1 Bill's Flash - $3.20

3 No. 4 Rocket's Angel - $2.60

Others: Pair of Aces, Nedgo Dale, Cambla Darling

Scratched: Nil

Time: 26.96 Margins: 2 - ¾

Owned by: Elizabeth Griffin

Trained by: Elizabeth Griffin


MIXED 3/4 - 460M

1 No. 1 Shavasana - $2.00

2 No. 7 Hurricane Hansi - $6.00

3 No. 2 Paris Lights - $5.00

Others: Nanny Char Char, Two Beers, Havoc And Mayhem, Cia Kahn

Scratched: Nil

Time: 26.81 Margins: 4 ¾ - head

Owned by: Kevin Macintosh

Trained by: William Smith



Results for Bundaberg Indoor Sports Centre - 29 Bolewski St. Destructive Divas d Black Bettys 48-35, (C Norris, K Weston, M Zande). The Bankers d The AB's 35-29, (K Anderson, A Sankowsky, A Walker). Sprites d DAH 54-42, (B Nicol, S Greenhalgh, Z Huddlestone). Whipits d NFI 62-26, (J Brooks, T Suckilis, A McMillan). Slammit d Smurfs 38-31, (R Webb, K Fleming, S Palfreyman). Tryhards d Happy Chaps 31-26, (S Cathie, L Laffey, J Walmsley). Hotshots d Bundy Bears 51-39, (B Steele, S Rehbein, S Woodrow). Golden Girls d Team Precision 37-22, (P King, M Gisik, F Christensen). Bright Sparks d Roar 49-34, (L Williams, S Honey, N Johnson). Bauers Butchery Blitz d Strikers 80-22, (K Bauer, B Thompson, R Naumann). Haz Beenz 2.0 d PBnJ 58-20, (M Locke, A Wanstall, K Wanstall). Norks n Nads d Swish Sisters 42-28, (A Muller, M Batt, AJ Vaschina). Fired Up d Gonna Make U Sweat 43-34, (K Fagan, J Pickering, B Steele). Under Dogs d Just for Fun 42-32, (R Sharp, S Coulton, R Luxton). Nailed It d Silent Killers 49-47, (J Skilton, K Staib, B Laughlin).


Bundaberg Homing Pigeon Club

The club held its seventh sprint race from Ambrose, a nominal flying distance of 190km in faultless racing conditions. A blistering pace was set by the front runners endorsing the Club's clever decision to again race the North route, like last year.

Desired velocities and exceptional returns will certainly secure the numbers to contest the distance races when it becomes more demanding, and all indications show a duplication of the very successful 2016 series. No wonder the fliers are "frothing” with the onset of the prestigious middle-distance races.

This race, proudly sponsored by Kay's Real Estate of Burnett Heads, restarted round two of the ever popular pairs elimination "It's A Knockout” and featured the pick five trap one Ladies race.

For Joe Schembri he must be wondering what to do.

On six occasions, his clocked entry has been placed second, as Dave Burgess won with his pigeon by seven seconds. Keep trying Joe!

Good to see the short marker John Smith of Agnes Waters in the top three as 19 seconds separated the top trio. In the juniors Joel Hobson had a decisive win, it appears as though the opposition birds linked with Gin Gin entries and covered too much ground.


1st Dave Burgess velocity 1360.686m/m

2nd Joe Schembri 1359.452m/m

3rd John Smith 1355.306m/m

4th Derek Newman 1310.933m/m

5th Rick Valks 1307.884m/m

6th Cactus Garden 1304.239m/m

Congratulations to all the place getters and a big thumbs up to our drivers for their unselfish club spirit. 445 birds represented 23 fliers were loaded onto the transporter. Load em lock em then enjoy "diners delight.”

The club wound up it's sprint series with a tough race from Ambrose, a nominal flying distance of 190km.

The race was proudly sponsored by Top Job Earthmoving.

John Smith of Agnes Waters took full advantage of his short-marked loft location forcing the opposition to grind out the remaining 80km into an ever increasing south-south easterly wind.

With credit, John has been knocking on the door with three previous placings in the top six and appears set for a satisfactory competitive season. In the Ladies Race, the top 3 were placed from the lofts of John Smith, Joe Schembri, and Rick Valks. Considering their loft location, the RJS syndicate fared well to secure fifth place. In the Juniors, Trent Burchard made amends for last week's disappointment by securing a nine minute win.


1st John Smith velocity of 1061.565m/m

2nd Dave Burgess 1049.167m/m

3rd Steve Hearn 1039.991m/m

4th Joe Schembri 1031.844m/m

5th RJS Syn 1020.229m/m

6th Cactus Garden 1006.269m/m

Congratulations to all the place getters. 24 lofts loaded 501 birds to contest Ambrose. Basketing for Yamba 2 is Friday night at 5pm. Load em lock em then Greg's Kitchen Rules. See Ya There!

Bundaberg Racing Pigeon Club

Last week's race results from first Port Alma was from a nominal distance of approximately 200km overall, flown on 24/06/17 and liberated at 8am.

BRPC Inc. results: 1st D & K Hamilton velocity 1207.657 m/m; 2nd Jean Starr 1194.279 m/m; 3rd T. Starr 1192.279 m/m; 4th N. Dickinson 1184.551 and 5th Sonico Lofts 1183.988.

The winning pigeon was BRPC 14 Blue Bar Pied 396 Hen and flew the journey in two hours, 52 minutes and six seconds and now holds the "new race record” for Port Alma.

Duncan & Kym have announced their presence with authority this week in peeling over three minutes off the previous race record for Bundaberg, on what could only be described as just an ordinary day for pigeon racing.

Additionally, their favourite pigeon 4660 was again as consistent as her previous week's effort (being only a second from the clock bird) in winning the "it's in the bag” pool bird competition, collecting a bag of pigeon corn.

The Hamilton's record winning Blue Bar Hen 396 was one minute 59 seconds ahead of second place, two minutes and 11 seconds ahead of third place and three minutes and 22 seconds of fourth & fifth placegetters.

MRPC. results: 1st Jim Mullett velocity 1078.586 m/m; 2nd Mark Hofer 1012.801 m/m. The winning pigeon was GGPC 15 Blue Bar 1150 Cock and flew the journey in two hours, 46 minutes and four seconds.

A well deserved brag goes to Jim this week as he convincingly won by 10 minutes and 49 seconds over second place.

Alistair and young Henry have had this week off as the raptors have been giving their pigeons curry of late. Good luck chaps.

There were seven seniors competing with a total of 143 racing pigeons, returning excellent returns once again. Congratulations to all the place getters from both Clubs. Racing pigeons is a wonderful sport.


Bundaberg Burnett Rifle Club

The club shot the 300 yard distance on Sunday in relatively light conditions. Some fishtailing headwinds were experienced and mirage jumped quickly across the target to create some missed shots among the shooters.

Target Rifle saw the return of some shooters and Gillian Webb Enslin showed her class to score a double possible of 105.15 (50.06/55.09). Husband, Darren, was right behind dropping one shot in his 104.12 (49.05/55.07). Following the front runners in was Lenny Miller with 102.06 (47.03/55.03). Other scores were Maurie Irwin 101.07 (48.01/53.06), Josh Turner 97.06 (46.03/51.03) and newcomer Jason McFarlane 92.03 (43.01/49.02).

High score of the day for scoped rifles went to Andrew McKillop in F Open with 124.14 (59.07/65.07). F Open also saw Graham Mincham with 124.09 (60.03/64.06) and Gary Towers with 123.10 (60.05/63.05).

F Standard was shot by a good number of shooters and Andrew McKillop also took the day high in this class with 122.06 (59.04/63.02). Fast finishing and ever improving Ken Martin was next with 121.07 (57.01/64.06). Ken Skillington returned the mound to post 110.03 (52.01/58.02). Other scores were Nick Lechowicz with 109.04 (52.01/57.03), John Simmons with 105.02 (49.01/56.01) and Victor Keighley with 49.00 - only shooting the one round.

The club had several new shooters come and try and we welcomed them. All new shooters are welcome and enquiries can be sent to Andrew McKillop ( Next Sunday the club members will be shooting in Monto at the OPM and no shooting will be held at the club. Sunday 16 July will be at 500 yards commencing at 8 am.

Bundaberg Clay Target Club

Bundaberg Clay Target Club Inc held its monthly shoot on Saturday the first and second July in cool conditions on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday results. SKEET: The Skeet event was the Dick Snow Memorial Event in honor of one of our past members. Event 1. 50 target Handicap. 1st Paul Bozier 50/50, 2nd Brian Morrissy 49/50 and 3rd Alan Collins 48/50 all with Handicap. A new discipline has also been added to the range, Olympic Trench was shot over the New Layout which was implemented with the help of Grants from State and Federal Governments. ISSF TRAP: 100t (75Target Double Barrel and 25 Single Barrel) shot with generous handicap allowances as most were new shooters. 1st Damian Harvey 119, 2nd Joel Brimelow 112, 3rd J Esposito 105, 4th C Shonrock 104, 5th Corey Bylsma 99 and 6th K Simpson 99. Sunday: DTL TRAP Event 1. 25 target Double Barrel Cash Divide. AA Paul Rehbein 25/25, A Grade Irvine Wynyard 24/25, B Grade Ryan Howie 22/25 and C Grade Brian Short 19/25. Event 2: 25 target Single Barrel. AA Grade Paul Rehbein 23/25, A Grade Irvine Wynyard 22/25, B Grade Ryan Howie 20/25 and C Grade Brian Short 15/25. Event 3. 25 target Double Barrel Handicap. 1st Mel Budgen 23/25, 2nd Irvine Wynyard 22/25 and 3rd Brodie Charteris 21/25. Event 4. 25 Targets Mixed Target Championship. Overall Paul Rehbein 35/35, AA Grade Paul Rehbein 35/35, A Grade Brodie Charteris 34/35, B Grade Ryan Howie 34/35 and C Grade Jessie Charteris 21/35.

Overall high gun for the shoot was won by Paul Rehbein with a score of 103/110 and junior high gun was won by Brodie Charteris with a score of 97/110. Good shooting everyone. Shooters and members the next shoot for the club is our annual two day shooting carnival on the August 5 and 6. Plan to have this weekend at the shoot it will be a great weekend. For further information on the club, please contact Kaye Rehbein on 41513194 or at Rehbeins, 35 Targo Street.

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