Five tips to help your kids come up with amazing ideas

KIDS have limitless imagination and come up with amazing ideas.

To harness creative thinking, Origin is excited to be inspiring the next generation of kids with the Origin's littleBIGidea competition.

However, when it comes to thinking up new ideas, many children struggle to get off the starting block.

So here are some tips to help foster your child's creative genius by innovation expert and former host of the ABC's The New Inventors, James O'Loghlin.

Tip one: Develop their questioning and problem-solving skills

If they have trouble using something, whether it's a cheese grater or a door handle, ask them what they would change about it.

How could they make it easier for people to use?

Tip two: Tap into their interests
Encourage your child to discover ideas from the world around them.

If they love nature, ask them how they could help save the environment.

If they love dancing, encourage them to think about a new shoe, or something to help them practice.

Tip three: Encourage them to experiment

Get them tinkering!

Give them old stuff to experiment with - styrofoam, fabric, glue, wire, toothpicks, screws or cogs and get them to create something from scratch.

Tip four: Stimulate their curiosity

Stimulate their curiosity by buying books.

Encourage them to read a wide variety of genres from science fiction to comedy to books about animals, space travel and the world.

You can also watch YouTube videos or documentaries about famous inventors or arrange a visit to the local museum or zoo to help get their brains ticking!

Tip five: Words of encouragement

Encourage your child with some positive praise.

Remember that almost every inventor failed many times before they succeeded.

Failing is part of the process, and an opportunity to learn.

Enlist the help of friends and family to encourage their ideas and their inventions, no matter how big (or small!).

If your child is in grade 3 to 8 and has a brilliant idea for the future, why not encourage them to enter it in Origin's littleBIGidea competition?

They could win an innovation trip of a lifetime to the NASA Cape Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA.

You can help them create a video, draw a picture or take a photo of their idea along with a description in 200 words or less. Remember, their ideas must be original and practical, so it mustn't already exist.

To find out more and to enter, simply go to

Entries are now open and close on 11.59pm AEST 21 August 2015.

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