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For a great core workout, try sit-ups with bub on your tummy.
For a great core workout, try sit-ups with bub on your tummy. IuriiSokolov

Five best exercises to do at home with bub

YOU'VE had no sleep, your hair's a mess, there are leftovers of this morning's apple puree tantrum stained on your baggy t-shirt and the only form of exercise you've had the past few months is running around after your little one… Sound familiar?

Well mummas, it's time to talk about YOU. Remember her?

When a baby comes along it can be easy to forget about you and your needs, especially when it comes to health and fitness.

Getting to the gym can seem a near-impossible task, and memberships can be pricey.

So we caught up with Queensland-based personal trainer Jason Scott to get his top five exercises you can do at home with your baby - no equipment required.

These are no easy feats. These will make you burn, sweat, hurt in places you didn't know could and as baby grows, so too will your muscles.

Front squats: Hold your baby in front of you however is most comfortable (and safe), or put them in a baby carrier on your chest. Position your legs slightly wider than hip distance apart with toes pointed slightly outwards (11 o'clock and 1 o'clock). Keeping your spine straight, and your knees in line with your toes (do not let them fold in front of your feet) squat down as low as you can go, keeping your chest up. Ensure you do not round your spine. Stretch your legs back up into a standing position, squeezing your bottom as you reach the top. Holding baby means you're working on your upper body strength as well and adding more resistance. Repeat for three sets of 12 with one minute rest in between.

Bench Press: Lay on your back with your arms bent, baby held on your chest. Bend your knees to stabilise your core. Extend arms straight up, lifting baby in the air, and bend back down to your chest. If you're feeling strong, try sitting up slightly when your arms are extended in the air to give your abs a workout. Three sets of 12, one minute rest.

Sit ups: Just as you would do any old sit up, this time we're adding some weight - bub. Hold your little one on top of your tummy and do sit ups as usual. Three sets of 12.

Hip extensions: Sit on the floor with your shoulder-blades against the edge of the bed or couch. Sit far enough forward so your bottom is about 20cm or so from the couch, and you have to lean back slightly to reach the couch. Place your feet on the floor with knees bent. Sit baby on your tummy, towards your pelvis. Now push your glutes towards the ceiling, holding on to baby at all times. Lower your bottom back down to the floor and repeat. Three sets of 12.

Hill walks with a pram: Find the nearest hill to your place, get baby strapped into the pram and start walking up it! This high intensity cardio will burn far more calories and get you fitter than just walking on a flat surface, and you'll feel it! Repeat five times. Your rest is walking back down the hill.

And there you have it, a full-body burner that will have you feeling more energetic, bub will have a ball, and you can do it while Peppa Pig plays in the background.

Your little ones learn a lot by watching you exercise, and you'll be a better mum for it. Join the Movement to a healthier, happier you.

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