Fishing for adventure on the Burnett River

HERE is a short story I wrote about my weekend's fishing adventure in the Burnett River I would like to share. Enjoy.

The soft hum of the motor, another crystal clear morning out on the river, the water like a mirror, reflecting the distant clouds on the horizon.

Flat and calm the boat skips across the surface as if it were skating on ice, not a ripple or wave but a perfect surface of aqua blue.

The boat turns and slows and like Alice going down the rabbit hole we slowly floated through the hole in the wall in to another kingdom, one of an enchanted forest - a maze of perfectly clear streams we entered the ville.

Slowly we motored along a narrow creek bed and then it just opens up in to a large body of water, glistening as the sun dances off it, the clouds still reflecting the moments of the day like a video camera rolling.

Startled sea eagles take flight and the abundance of fish in the river jump out every now and again to break the silence and make a ever so slight ripple in the perfectly still surface of the river.

We once again follow a smaller creek twisting and winding down in to the depths of its mangrove swamps a place full of beauty and treachery, placing the crab pots in hoping to catch the bounty of the sea.

The tides run quick and there is some skill to getting in and out before the run and we are back in the safety of the calmer water.

The boat speeds up and we are once more out in the widest part of the - river a no man's land in the middle of nowhere but not far from everywhere.

Skyringville appears a little line of shacks built 100 years ago, all lined up on the far side of the river 23 perfect little fishing shacks and tiny jetties to more the boat to the lucky few that own them.

They sit on a peninsular one side river the other the ocean, we go further up the river to where the ocean meets the rivers mouth.

It's like the world ends at that point.

We anchor the boat and get our rods and march up the beach feet sinking in the cold wet sand.

I stand at the point feeling the ocean wash over my feet and cast my rod.

With an instant the fish are biting, the cool blue sea, the crystal clear day what more can you want I thought as I dig my feet in to the sand.

Then I hooked a fish, a whiting, a keeper.

This was great, we stood there and fished what seemed like a life time then it was time to get back in the boat again and check the pots.

We put up the little creeks and stream remembering where we hide our pots away from prying eyes and poachers

And there it was, the legal size crab well worth the day's outing to have the prized catch.

We collect all the pots and fold them neatly in the boat and fish once more in the stillness of the river.

The water starts to turn and run with some speed, this is our sign to go and get round to the hole and slip back through back in to the major river system.

The water was a deep blue in the Burnett and a slight ripple the boat gently rocked as we anchored and cast in... Only to catch a huge puffer toad.

He did put up a good fight and I released him back in to his watery world.

We moved on again further back up the river and anchored once more over a giant sand bar hoping for the elusive flathead as the river drained and the sand bar appeared our chances of getting the flat head faded and we soon were off again heading towards the boat ramp to put the tinnie back on the trailer and head for home.

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