YMCA's Kassidy Pollitt put fear into the opposition when he bowled.
YMCA's Kassidy Pollitt put fear into the opposition when he bowled. Brian Cassidy

Finals spots decided in junior cricket

CRICKET: The Waves, Brothers and YMCA will all have the same number of chances to win in this week's grand finals in Bundaberg junior cricket.

Each cricket side had two teams qualify for in the finals in under-12, U14 and U16 in Saturday's semis.

In U16, Brothers will take on YMCA after their semi against Maryborough was abandoned after four deliveries.

Players were slipping on the pitch, which ending the game before first over was bowled.

Brothers qualified as they finished higher in the regular season.

YMCA survived a close contest against The Waves.

YMCA made 104 in its innings with Benjamin Flor making 24 before The Waves made 100 in reply.

The side will also have a team in the U12A final after beating Norths convincingly.

YMCA made 2/226 before bowling out the opposition for 83. River Felstead (44) and Lachlan Heycox (48) both impressed.

The side will take on The Waves in the final after they chased down Brothers' total of 89 in the semi with seven wickets in hand.

The Waves is also in the U14 final after beating Norths by 26 runs with Kori Pope making 56, the only half century during the weekend.

The side will play Brothers, who defeated Past Highs/Isis by the same margin.

The U12, U14 and U16 finals are on this Saturday.

Full results are below.

Rum City Foods under-12A

Semi-final matches

YMCA v Norths


R Felstead44

L Heycox48

L Faint37

J Kelly22

B Fagg24

C Pollitt1

T Maher7

T Baker2

M Perry1


Bowling: Gear 4-1-22-0, Hamel 4-1-14-0, Pimm 4-0-37-0, Eade 2-0-24-0, Bennett 3-0-26-0, Poulter 4-1-15-1, Chamberlain 3-0-25-0, McKenzie 2-0-25-0, Mather 4-1-10-1


T Chamberlain7

E Hamel2

J Gear10

J Mather7

L Eade8

R Pimm0

A Poulter14

R McKenzie1

B Bennett12


Bowling: Heycox 4-1-14-1, Pollitt 3.2-0-4-1, Perry 3-1-5-0, Kelly 3-0-5-0, Fagg 2-0-4-1, Baker 3-0-18-0, Maher 3-0-9-2, Faint 3-1-6-1, Felstead 3-1-4-1

Brothers Mustangs v The Waves

Brothers Mustangs

R Collin0

H Hirst14

SK Millett20

LJ Kirchner3

SA Millett5

SB Slater1

B Wilson4

KJ Pole10

A Mathiesen9


Bowling: Hallett 2-0-5-1, Trebbin 3-0-9-0, Munro 4-0-19-0, Henry 4-0-9-0, Collins 3-1-14-0, Dow 2-0-6-1, Sydes 3-1-6-1, Jacobsen 3-0-9-4, Korner 2-0-3-0, Coates 2-2-0-0

The Waves

R Korner7

F Hallett15

T Coates19

L Henry9

N Jacobsen13

TR Collins11


Bowling: Collin 3-0-11-0, SK Millett 3-0-11-0, SA Millett 2-0-9-1, Kirchner 2-0-11-0, Slater 2.2-0-28-0, Wilson 1-0-5-0, Mathiesen 1-0-13-1

Rum City Foods under-12B

Norths White v YMCA/The Waves Blue

Norths White

No batting details provided


Bowling: Dorgan 4-0-34-1, Juster 4-0-33-0, Heath 2-0-11-1, L Hensel 4-0-28-0, N Hensel 2-0-10-2, Young 4-0-37-2

YMCA/The Waves Blue

J Young29

N Hensel29

L Hensel18

S Juster11

K Heath15

T Dorgan11


No bowling details provided

No details provided between Norths Maroon and The Waves Gold

Past Highs had the bye

Rum City Foods under-14

Semi-final matches

Past Highs/Isis v Brothers Everests

Brothers Everests

A Rehbein1

OR Mathiesen6

TC Lamond39

O Boge30

JT Rea11

N Clarke0

H Szegfu12

RG Thomas4


Bowling: Santacaterina 6-0-25-2, Rehbein 6-0-16-3, De Martin 6-0-25-0, McMahon 6-0-27-0, Johnson 2-0-21-0, Hetherington 1-0-12-0, Findlay 1-0-4-0, Baldry 0.5-0-8-0

Past Highs/Isis

N Findlay6

J Santacaterina35

JD Rehbein7

J McMahon6

C Johnson10

B Hetherington8

H Baldry1

O Baldwin0

J DeMartin0

J Sim3

R Santacaterina14


Bowling: Lamond 6-0-22-2, Rae 6-0-19-3, Mathiesen 5-1-27-1, Clarke 5-0-26-0, Szegfu 4-1-9-0, Boge 4-0-12-3

Norths v The Waves

The Waves

S Stuchbery5

T Ash4

K Pope56

L Hamilton3

B Catasti4

L Woodward9

B Coates10

T Chadwick9

B Trebbin0

G Trebbin4

H Munro0

S Kumar2

Total: 121

Bowling: Felstead 5-0-3-1, Klowss 5-0-22-2, Coleman 3-0-13-2, Parker 3-0-11-0, Richters 3-0-18-0, Canino 3-0-14-1, Gunning 1-0-11-0, Wilson 2-0-21-0, Cheshire 1.3 0 2 5 1 0


R Coleman1

M Parker21

P Hansen0

RN Cheshire1

Z Richters8

D Felstead6

B Canino25

NM Klowss8

N Gunning6

K Wilson0

D Rose1


Bowling: Hamilton 5-0-13-0, Kumar 3-0-9-3, Woodward 3-0-14-1, Stuchbery 6-0-17-1, Catasti 3-1-8-0, Chadwick 1-0-8-0, Coates 3-1-8-1, Ash 3-1-13-4

Rum City Foods under-16

Semi-final matches

YMCA v The Waves


B Flor24

D Heycox17

J Gray17

K Pollitt1

T Price8

NJ Cavanagh8

SD Cavanagh10

R Dempsey1

J Grigg1

Z Faint0

J Tominich1

D Cavanagh0


No bowling details

The Waves

No batting details


Bowling: Pollitt 6-1-20-1, Grigg 6-0-16-3, Heycox 6-1-16-2, Flor 6-0-24-3, Gray 1-0-4-0, Cavanagh 4-0-16-1 16 0 1

Brothers Rangers v Maryborough


C Copas1

B Kingston1


No bowling details

Brothers did not bat as match was abandoned after four deliveries due to unsafe conditions from the rain.

Brothers progressed to the final as the highest team on the ladder at the end of the regular season.

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