FORMER Burnett MP Rob Messenger has made short film at a retreat near Woodgate as a tribute to Vietnam veterans.

The documentary film was made at Camp Gregory, a retreat for veterans on the Gregory River on August 18, during a ceremony commemorating the Battle of Long Tan.

Rob Messenger, who served in the military for nine years before becoming an MP, said he was invited to the Long Tan ceremony which included 35 veterans.

It was during this event that he filmed Long Tan Battle remembered @ Camp Gregory.

"As far as I'm aware, this is the first time these guys have spoken about their experiences publicly," Mr Messenger said.

"It is good for young people to see what happened.

Mr Messenger said the veterans wanted to reach out to Australia's diggers returning from Afghanistan, to provide support to them and their families.

"The bottom line is that these guys have seen many of their comrades commit suicide after returning home," he said.

"They want to save lives.

"They don't want the same mistakes being repeated."

The battle was fought in a rubber plantation at Long Tan, which saw 18 Australians killed and 24 wounded, when 108 diggers took on between 1500 and 2500 Vietnamese soldiers.

The story of the battle is told in the online film by two Australian soldiers who were there.

"This film will be an important new addition to the record of historical fact," Mr Messenger said.

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