ACROSS The Waves coach Jason De Papi didn't try to deflect criticism levelled at his players by Fraser Flames' coach Andrew Catton after the 1-all draw in the weekend's Three Cities League game.

Instead, De Papi defended his players by saying exhaustion and frustration were the reasons why the game descended into chaos.

Verbal and physical clashes marred the closing stages of the game and De Papi said there were a number of factors contributing to the dramatic nature of the contest.

"We got two penalties for the whole game and my blokes were getting hands around their throat behind the play and shoulder charged in the back," De Papi said.

"In the end there was a few lazy tackles because they were exhausted."

After a tough 90 minutes of football that saw ATW's Matt Martin and Alex Butler receive two yellow cards, and an early exit from the match, Catton told the Fraser Coast Chronicle it was some of the worst behaviour he has seen in his time in the game.

"Just about every one of my players had the crap kicked out of them," he said.

"I've seen a whole heap of stuff across different levels but that was up there with the worst."

ATW was reduced to nine men for nearly 45 minutes after Butler was sent off just before half-time and Martin received marching orders just after the break.

Fraser Flames had the chance to win the game with numerous shots on goal but goalkeeper Matthew Eilers was difficult to get past, much to the frustration of Catton.

"That was a game we probably could've won," he said.

"Their keeper (Eilers) made about eight ridiculous saves."

Even after the draw which saw his team lose top spot on the Three Cities Ladder to United Park Eagles FC on goal difference De Papi was impressed with the way his team fought on.

In the rounds other games Bingera smacked Doon Villa 5-0, while United Warriors forfeited to United Park Eagles FC, gifting it three points.

Alloway and Sunbury fought out a nil-all draw and Diggers got on the winner's list thanks to three goals from Kagan Eren with a much-needed 9-2 flogging of Tinana and Brothers Aston Villa cruised to a 3-0 win over KSS Jets.

Round 15 games this week: Sunbury v ATW, Fraser Flames v United Park Eagles FC, Alloway v Doon Villa, Bingera v KSS Jets, Brothers Aston Villa v Tinana and United Warriors v Diggers.

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