Craig Woodgate admits his wife Kelly is a better driver than he.
Craig Woodgate admits his wife Kelly is a better driver than he. Max Fleet

Women are Bundy's best drivers

FEMALES are better drivers in Bundaberg, according to Lyn's Driving Academy instructor Lyn Richter.

This is despite a recent survey showing one out of three male drivers do not feel comfortable with their partners behind the wheel.

The survey found men often pushed their feet down involuntarily when their partner was late to hit the brakes, and spent part of a journey gripping the edges of the passenger seat.

Married couple Kelly and Craig Woodgate agree Mrs Woodgate is the better driver.

Mrs Woodgate said the survey results surprised her.

“I thought men have a tendency to lose their temper quicker,” she said.

Mrs Woodgate said Mr Woodgate's bad habits included braking late.

“It's not that he is speeding, he just approaches cars too fast,” she said.

Mrs Woodgate said it was a calmer environment when she was driving.

“Craig gets frustrated easily and loses his temper if people go too slow or don't indicate,” she said.

“It's just those little annoying habits people have.”

Mr Woodgate praised his partner's driving, saying she was more careful on the roads.

“All the time Kell tries to put her foot through the floor of the passenger side when I'm driving,” he said.

“I never do it when Kell's driving.”

Past records show Mrs Woodgate has received no driving infringements or been in any accidents, but it's a different story with Mr Woodgate.

Mrs Richter said driving around Bundaberg had shown females were better behind the wheel.

She has been instructing Bundaberg drivers for nine years.

She also said on average females tended to pick up driving faster than males.

“Females tend to just listen and do,” she said.

She agreed with Mrs Woodgate, saying in her experience males were more inclined to lose their temper.

Mrs Richter said she had experienced other drivers in Bundaberg doing the wrong thing.

“Some of the driving is not so good,” she said.

“Every day you see incidents that are not right.”

She said from what she had seen males were the main offenders of bad driving in Bundaberg.

“It's just aggressive driving and intolerance.

“I'm not saying all females are good - you still get some that aren't - but generally I find females respond better and get on with the job.”

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