Female cop becomes Twitter star over State of Origin

A TWEET by the Queensland Police on the eve of Origin II has made a female police officer into an unwitting social media star.

The officer is pictured wearing a Queensland jersey under her uniform, accompanied by the words, "We may have to wear blue, but it's what's on the inside that counts".


But it has more to do with the 'star' of the tweet than Origin pride, with Twitter users commenting on the attractive female officer.

"Suddenly I want to get arrested" said Mr100, while Damien Smith wrote: " ... she can handcuff me anytime".

QPS has been using the State of Origin series to promote the force on Twitter.

Earlier this week, QPS posted a Blues scarf and declared there was an investigation into who left the "questionable gift" in the police media room.


A QPS spokesman said the tweet had been well received and the majority of the responses were positive and light-hearted but the force did not condone any sexist comments.

"State of Origin is an opportunity for the QPS to join with the rest of the community in celebrating the series each year," he said.

"It was one of the most engaging tweets of the past month but was similarly well received to other State of Origin themed posts overnight.

"The QPS does not condone sexist comments and moderates its social media channels accordingly."

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