Faulty insulation is fixed

JENNY Anderson is “sleeping like a log” in her Cordalba home, made safe after the removal of dodgy insulation from her ceiling.

Mrs Anderson said removal followed a question put to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd during question time in federal parliament last Wednesday night.

“Judy Moylan from West Australia asked the question, then later that night I got a call about 6.30 on Wednesday night,” Mrs Anderson said.

“Electricians from Bundy were at my place first thing on Thursday morning and now it’s gone.”

She said faulty insulation was also removed from the home of her neighbour, Lex Murphy, on the same day.

Mrs Anderson attributed the lobbying of Federal Member for Hinkler Paul Neville to being instrumental to a satisfactory conclusion to her dilemma.

“Paul got the ball rolling and I kept pushing it,” she said.

In her quest for satisfaction, she emailed others such as Mr Rudd, Peter Garrett, Bob Brown and Bob Katter.

According to Mrs Anderson, the electrician told her one of the metal staples securing the insulation was about 0.5mm from an electric wire.

She urges anyone else experiencing difficulties with the same problem to contact Mr Neville.

“I can’t say enough about Paul Neville, he got the job done,” she said.

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