"Far-right" in KKK costumes storm Young Liberals' meeting

A NSW Young Liberals meeting was thrown into chaos after gate-crashers allegedly wearing Ku Klux Klan-style costumes disrupted it.

Officials within the Young Liberals have made a complaint to police following the incident at the Tattersalls Club about 9pm where a regular meeting was held.


Protesters crash NSW young Liberals meeting
Protesters crash NSW young Liberals meeting

A Young Liberals source said two unidentified men barged into the meeting wearing white sheets and pointed hoods with eyeholes cut out in the style of the KKK and unsuccessfully tried to grab the microphone to speak.

"People were pretty apoplectic … they booed and jeered them," they said, adding that many suspected the men were extreme far-right protesters from outside the party.

NSW Liberals state director Chris Stone described the costumes as "highly offensive" and noted that the "the identities of the protesters were not known to those present at the meeting".

Mr Stone said the party strongly condemned the behaviour and would investigate it.

A video of the event later posted by Buzzfeed appeared to show some people at the meeting clapping and cheering but it was unclear whether they were doing so in response to others heckling the pair in costume or the offending pair themselves.

One person at the meeting is seen shouting "white power" and a group can be heard asking for those in the hoods to be removed. One of the intruders removes his hood and the two are at one point escorted towards the exit.

A number of party members attempted to pull the sheets off the intruders, before police were called.

Police confirmed a complaint was made.

One Young Liberal source said the suspicion was that the intruders were actually extreme far-right protesters or other outsiders trying to discredit the party.

The meeting was adjourned early once the intruders were booted out and police attended some time later.

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