FANG IS BACK: Taipans mascot returns

CRICKET: The mascot that captivated everybody’s attention last season is back for this year’s Aussie Bundy Big Bash.

The Takalvans Taipan mascot, affectionately known as Fang, will return to action when the side takes on the Parklands Pies in the first match of the competition tonight.

Last week’s first match between the Betta Heat and Searle’s RV Vikings was washed out.

Fang hasn’t been seen since April 12 when he went on a holiday to the Whitsundays.

And according to Taipans owner Dale Rethamel, he really hasn’t returned.

“He’s been in hibernation,” he said.

“He’s taken annual leave, he had a full-on year.”

His adventures last season included being at the cricket, annoying the other franchise locations at their business and also pumping through laps at the Kevin Brodgen Velodrome.

Rethamel said expect plenty more from Fang this season.

“He’ll be back out and about, and there will be plenty of Facebook clips about it,” he said.

“He just loves getting around the city, so he’s pretty keen.”

Rethamel didn’t specify, when asked, if Fang would be seen before tonight.

Check out the Takalvans Facebook page to see if he does pop up.

The owner is confident the side can make up for losing in the final after rain impacted their chances of winning against Searle’s RV Vikings.

The side has kept Luke Owen as captain and maintained experienced players in Sean Stuchbery and David Boge.

The Taipans have also kept Rhys Grills, Sam Pearson and others while recruiting The Waves premiership winner from last year in Michael Loader.

“We’ve got more depth in bowling and batting,” Rethamel said.

“And we have a full squad to choose from for the first match.”

The Taipans will face a Pies squad intent on making the final after missing last season.

Pies captain Simon Kelly said the focus was on getting wins when it counted to qualify. “We’ve looked to be a balanced side,” he said.

“We were unlucky last year, we had wet games that if we won would have got us through. “We can’t be happy to contain teams, we need to bowl them out and get through them, especially if weather is around.”

The game starts at 6.30pm at Salter Oval. Entry is free.

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