CHALLENGING TIMES: Dan Lukan and his wife Lucy with their son Wasyl, daughter Anna and daughter Grace.
CHALLENGING TIMES: Dan Lukan and his wife Lucy with their son Wasyl, daughter Anna and daughter Grace. Mike Knott

Family reeling as crash becomes another another hurdle

"WE FEEL like a punching bag at the moment."

Those are the brutally honest words of Lucy Lukan, the wife of South Kolan Senior Constable Dan Lukan, who was injured in a head-on fatal crash on Monday which claimed the life of an 80-year-old Sunshine Coast woman.

Snr Const Lukan was conducting patrols on Rosedale Rd when the woman's car crossed onto the wrong side of the road.

Despite trying to take evasive action, the crash left Snr Const Lukan with a broken leg and a broken rib and he remains in Brisbane Women and Children's Hospital awaiting surgery to pin his knee.

For the Lukans, whose four year-old daughter Grace has cerebral palsy and requires 24-hour care, the impact is nothing short of enormous.

Grace was born with level four cerebral palsy and her family has already spent tens of thousands of dollars on life-changing intensive therapy, both in Australia and America, to give her the chance of one day being able to walk on her own. For now, Grace has no control over her muscles and is unable to even sit up unassisted.

"For an average family, it's huge. For us, it goes to another level," Mrs Lukan said.

"Dan's my support; he's my muscle as well. For him to be out of the picture it is a little bit out there.

"We're extremely lucky in the fact that it is just a broken leg but he'll be on crutches for three months.

"For an average family, that's pretty manageable, but for us, with Dan being my muscle, he does a lot of therapy with Grace, a lot of stuff that I can't do. He's the guy that I lean on a lot."

Mrs Lukan said despite the added challenges they were now facing, she had realised things could have been much worse and acknowledged the outpouring of support had been nothing short of amazing.

"Our day -to-day life is pretty much a rollercoaster. This one is just a bit of a wilder rollercoaster that we've gotten on," she said.

"The police family have just been absolutely awesome. Whatever we needed.

"The phone hasn't stopped ringing, my Facebook page - I haven't been able to keep up with it. We've had a lot of calls from around the country from friends and family."

Mrs Lukan said her husband took his job in his stride, going to work every day never knowing what could happen, but she had no doubt he would be back at work as soon as possible.

"He's very passionate about his job and very good at what he does," she said.

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