Family laments loss of patriarch

"WE ARE struggling in grief and trying to get on with our lives but our loss and suffering is too great. It just wasn't Mark's time to go."

Joyce Plumb could only watch on in what she described as "a horrific nightmare" as her late husband Mark suffered in agony following complications from gall stone surgery on September 19, 2014 at the Friendly Society Private Hospital.

Mr Plumb was later transferred to Wesley Hospital in Brisbane and underwent a number of procedures but died on October 23, 2014.

On the third day of an inquest looking into the post-operative care provided to Mr Plumb at the Friendly Society Private Hospital, the court heard about the family's concerns for the 76-year-old man.

Today, the Coroner's assistant Megan Jarvis read out a statement from Mrs Plumb where she said the family had voiced concerns that Dr Pitre Anderson had failed to respond appropriately to signs that Mr Plumb was seriously unwell soon after the surgery.

"I find it incredulous that (Dr) Anderson and medical staff didn't take positive action when he complained of severe pain straight after the operation," Mrs Plumb said.

"This was even more evident as the hours went by as he was vomiting, his kidneys shutting down making him unable to urinate and in terrible pain.

"I believe Mark's only chance of survival was for the medical authorities to have operated on him on Friday as soon as possible."

Mrs Plumb said the trauma, stress, shock and suffering the family had suffered since her husband was hospitalised was irreparable.

Barrister Matthew Hickey, representing the Friendlies said the care afforded to Mr Plumb was unsatisfactory.

"In her communication with the hospital Mrs Plumb observed that she didn't wish a similar outcome to be visited upon another person," he said.

"That's a hope which is shared by the hospital."

Coroner John Lock told the court he would consider all the evidence and present his findings in Brisbane on August 19.

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