Fake it 'til you make it this winter

Versace, Gucci, Moschino, Michael Kors, Karl Lagerfeld - these are just a few of the world's top luxury fashion brands who have made the decision to ditch fur in a move for ethical fashion.

Even Kim Kardashian stepped out this month announcing "That's my new thing, faux”.

And while fur has in the past been linked to high fashion, that doesn't mean you can't have fun with its stylish substitute, as Rachel Collister from Unreal Fur would know.

"Quality faux fur can emulate the real thing in true natural colours while we can have so much more fun going faux in terms of colours, prints, designs,” she says.

"Faux fur is cheaper than real fur, easier and cheaper to store and maintain and ... looks and feels great to wear with a clean conscience.

"I think real fur is out. It is unfashionable to be seen wearing mink, rabbit or otherwise.

"The ability and flexibility working with faux fur allows us to be creative season after season way beyond real fur.”

One major argument pro-fur advocates have made in the past is the quality factor; real fur garments last a long time. But ever-advancing technology means that 100 per cent synthetic furs are close to the real thing, without the cruelty.

Coming into winter, a faux fur piece is a wardrobe essential and whether you like the natural fur "look” there are plenty of retailers doing both.

If you're not even into the fur look but love the textures, have a little furry fun with bright coloured synthetics that will add a bit of spice to typically darker-hued winter looks.

Or if you're a fan of the real fur "look”, there are some seriously convincing (and snuggly) coats out there in a range of patterns and textures - the only issue you'll have is explaining to people that it's faux.

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