Failed chat up leads to drunken car crash

PARTY guests heard the sounds of a car crash soon after a cranky guest left their party when his friendly chat towards a female guest failed to score him a date.

Instead, he was apparently given the thumbs down.

And the mood of teen P-plated driver Joshua Iverson would not have got any sunnier when he scored three police charges for drink driving (.054); dangerous driving; and failing to report an accident.

And police impounded his damaged car.

Joshua James Iverson, 19, from Goodna, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to committing the three offences in Macrossan street at Cranley, a suburb of Toowoomba on Saturday March 2.

Prosecutor, Senior Constable Dave Shelton told the court witnesses say he became angry after his advances toward a female guest was rejected.

People had tried to keep his car keys but Iverson was able to get them and leave.

The vehicle was heard to rev loudly then driven off, its tyres heard spinning on the wet bitumen after rain.

A loud bang was heard on Macrossan St when Iverson's vehicle collided with a pole. Then struck a parked car which was shunted into another.

Snr Const Shelton said witnesses then saw a video clip by Iverson saying "I'm f---ed, I can't drive".

Witnesses called police and when Toowoomba officers arrived at the crash scene they saw a fallen pole and two damaged parked cars.

Fresh tyre marks in the grass verge led directly to the damaged cars - one had been struck then shunted forward into the second car.

BAD SCORE: Joshua Iverson leaves Ipswich Courthouse after crashing when a party soured.
BAD SCORE: Joshua Iverson leaves Ipswich Courthouse after crashing when a party soured. Ross Irby

Significant damage was done.

Iverson later told police he had a disagreement and decided to drive back home to Goodna,

"It was raining, he was doing 60 to 70km/h when he lost control crashing into a light pole," Snr Const Shelton said.

"He says he panicked, and sent a snap-chat video."

When breath-tested he gave an alcohol reading of 0.054.

Defence lawyer Blake Fraser said Iverson was an apprentice fitter and turner and gone to a party in Toowoomba with a friend.

There had been an argument and he decided to leave in what was a foolish decision.

And driven only 400m when he crashed.

Iverson instructs that police impounded his damaged car for 90 days and was not sure of the actual damage done.

His work colleagues and mother would assist by driving him.

Describing the offences as being at the lower end, Mr Iverson successfully sought that no conviction be recorded.

Magistrate Donna MacCallum noted his youth and lack of offences.

Iverson was fined $1000 - sent to SPER for a payment plan, and disqualified nine months.

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