RISING STAR: Claire McKean is a big hit on the squash court.
RISING STAR: Claire McKean is a big hit on the squash court. Mike Knott BUN180615SQUASH6

FACES OF BUNDY: Squash star Claire's holding court

In the tradition of Humans of New York, the NewsMail's Faces of Bundy series tells the stories of familiar - and some unfamiliar - residents in the region. Today, Mikayla Haupt goes one on one with Bundy squash star Claire McKean.

I started playing squash at school because it was a school sport in Grafton, New South Wales, and, once I started, I wanted to keep playing more.

My brothers were also into the sport too and encouraged me to continue playing.

In 2013 I was NSW under-15s number 1 female player and in 2015 I became Queensland opens number 1 girl when competing in the school sport field of squash.

In NSW as a whole I became number 2 at some stage.

The fact that squash is an individual sport makes me strive to be better, because I push myself and only have to rely on myself.

Squash has also given me worldly skills. It has showed me patience and how hard work will pay off.

It is just as much a mental game as physical.

As squash isn't a highly paid sport and is not well recognised sport in this era, my veterinary course will always be my first priority.

Squash being one of the lowest paid professional sports because of its lack of sponsorships, support of people at a local and social level in conjunction with renowned sponsored players decreasing in numbers all around the world have both had a huge impact on the game of squash in the past 20 years.

It is because of this that my degree and education will come first but squash will always be a high second

I do think one day it will turn around but people have to fall in love with the sport again.

We need more coverage on television as we don't get enough coverage on television. It's not advertised anywhere and is the healthiest sport to play and has been reviewed as the healthiest sport to play by Forbes magazine. It should get more coverage.

They can construct the courts just for the tournament and then deconstruct the court when the tournament is over. The previous tournament was played in front of the pyramids in Egypt.

That's one of the reason why squash can be played literally anywhere and everywhere all around the world in the professional league.

The turn-around will start coming around when we can get more people playing, not just professional but amateur leagues as well.

Squash has never been and still isn't an Olympic sport .

It doesn't serve it justice for being such an international sport.

The turn-around will start coming when people witness this great sport and what better way for people to experience it then the Olympic Games?

As a male-dominated sport in the amateur league I feel it's an achievement well earned and I do feel proud of my achievements, but in saying that I know I can further my achievements.

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