Jasmin Appo and Jan Henderson look over Jan’s vegie patch.
Jasmin Appo and Jan Henderson look over Jan’s vegie patch.

Facebook page encourages fruit and veg swapping

FROM little ideas, big things grow.

And in Bargara, there's a group of like-minded people keen to see their seedling blossom.

Bargara Homegrown Swap is a Facebook page set up by Jasmin Appo after a conversation on social media.

Jasmin was scrolling through posts when she came across a message from Jan Henderson asking if anyone had any lemons they could spare.

Jasmin had a tree out the back and the pair agreed to swap some lemons for lettuce leaves and parsley.

This simple exchange got the community talking and the homegrown swap page materialised.

No money changes hands, members simply post what they are in need of and what they can offer in exchange and arrange a time to swap.

More than 86 people have requested to be members of the group so far, with hopes this will grow once the word spreads.

"We've had a really good response," Jasmin said.

"It's about getting the community together and talking to new people."

And fresh produce isn't the only bargaining chip in members' pockets - they are free to swap anything from seedlings, to plants, relishes and even baked goods.

"One lady said she didn't have a green thumb but she was good at baking ... it's endless what people can do," she said.

Members have also been keen to show off their vegie patches, posting photos to the group's page.

Jasmin herself has a mobile coffee cart and often trades coffee grinds, which she says are useful as compost.

As well as the environmental ethos of groups such as these, Jasmin believes the foodswap idea will benefit her children.

"I think it's good because if you have a good community and good people around you it helps you get through life a bit easier. I've got young children and they've always grown up growing vegies and things like that and they love our lemon tree and they're always picking lemons and I like them to see we're helping the community out. It's a good example to them," she said.

As membership grows, Jasmin said they would look to organise a time and a place for a big group swap but for now the Facebook page was a convenient communication tool.

Find the group on Facebook: Bargara Homegrown Swap.

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