Could One Nation take the Lockyer seat next election?
Could One Nation take the Lockyer seat next election? MICK TSIKAS

Facebook likers have their say on Pauline

Pauline Hanson's popularity is on the rise. They say it is because of her anti-Muslim stance. What do you think?

Perhaps it's because her party seems to be listening to voters' concerns. I contacted all candidates in our recent election and the One Nation candidate was the only party to reply and discuss issues that I have (which were all nothing to do with immigration or Muslim people).

Rachael Jose

What we expect of politicians is that they are Pro-australia! Minorities and immigrants have no right to impose their ways and views on us any more than we can do if we move to their country. If you move to Australia be grateful or be gone.

Erik Levin

Pauline Hanson is real, not a pawn in a major party and does not have to kiss you know what. She is free to say it as she and millions of Aussie are over the failings of the majors to listen to the people.

Peter Watson

"She listens to the people.” Really? Considering she gets nothing but contempt thrown her way excluding a minority of Aussies. How is she listening? She plays to the lowest denominator and thankfully that's not a majority.

Morgan Fenton

C'mon people, let us embrace our diversities, cultures and lingos, foods and our roots.

Susan Benedikt

If all you have got is fish and chip experience you are going to appeal to certain members of society.

Jon Joiner

Maybe cause she is more in touch with the public views than the monkeys we have in at the moment.

Cindy Beutel

It is not a stand against Muslims, it is a stand against anyone who wants to come to Australia, but not live by our laws.

Peter SJ

All she does is flip flop. It used to be the Asians, now it's the Muslims, why can't it just be the redheads?

Joey Hein-inger

As a semi literate idiot, Hanson gives hope to imbeciles everywhere.

Alex Johnson

She knows how to play on people's fear.

Nathan Sutherland

The only female politician standing up for Australia.

Patricia Brown

Because she seems to be the only one who seems to know what is happening. Other politicians go into their ivory towers and lock the doors.

Roslyn Avagliano

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