VEG OUT: Is it okay to bribe your kids to eat their vegies?
VEG OUT: Is it okay to bribe your kids to eat their vegies? Mizina

FACEBOOK FEEDBACK: Bribing kids to eat greens

Would you bribe your kids with money to eat their greens?

  • Matty Isaacs I was bribed with starvation ... eat it or go to bed hungry. Maree Isaacs, if you still want me to eat pumpkin, its five bucks per mouthful.
  • Cara Selmes After seven kids I have always given my kids a range of fruit and vegetables from as early as it was safe. Never had a problem. All are 21 down to 11 now.
  • Adam Ward No, it should be a case of eat it or go hungry!
  • Aaron George Love how kids will be 'full' when all they have left are the vegies, then crack it cause they aren't allowed any dessert cause they are 'full' and we cant have an upset tummy now, can we?
  • Warren Moodie Dad made me sit at table and eat my vegies. I went to sleep there a few nights and he gave up. That was over 60 years ago and have never liked them. Eat plenty of fruit.
  • Belinda Smith My five-year-old asks for vegies with dinner - pumpkin, broccoli, asparagus, spinach, potato ... all of them! No bribery needed and never have. It's just introducing them to the things that you eat. A little on the plate of what you're eating.
  • Ken Wilson Start young and you should have no problems. Who is the parent and who is the child? Decide who each is then act appropriately.
  • Jeanette Phillips No! When I was a kid you had to eat what was on your plate until you ate everything. Even if you didn't like it!
  • Patricia Brown I started putting all sorts of different fruit and vegetables on my sons' plate when he was about three months old. I knew he wouldn't eat it at the time but he was looking at it and I knew one day he'd pick it up and eat it. He did indeed. He started on mashed first ... then solids. He's 20 now and eats all veggies and fruits.
  • Leicia Rose Whatever is needed! Not my choice of getting them to eat them but each to their own. I was lucky, never had a problem anyway. My kids loved and still do love their vegies ... any food really! lol
  • Andy Mark I would say no, eat what's given. But can't help wishing my parents would've used money.

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