David Wiedman.
David Wiedman. Photo Contributed

Experienced archer 'unintentionally' shot man in face: court

AN 'EXPERIENCED marksman' who shot a man in the face with an arrow has claimed a jury's decision was unreasonable and the judge was confusing.

In September 2018, a Toowoomba jury found David Gregory Wiedman had intentionally caused grievous bodily harm to Cameron Keith Boyce when he loosed an arrow that hit Mr Boyce in the chin causing a 6cm cut.

On Friday, Wiedman appealed the conviction at Queensland Court of Appeal, arguing he did not intend to cause the serious injuries.

Wiedman did not dispute that he caused serious injury to Mr Boyce. But he said the jury made an unreasonable verdict in finding he intended to do so.

At trial Wiedman claimed he was acting in self-defence as Mr Boyce had threatened to "burn the place down” and "kill everyone inside”. The prosecution at the trial said that threat never happened.

Wiedman's barrister Neville Weston told the appeal court his client was scared for his and his family's safety and loosed the arrow at a timber pole, intending to scare Mr Boyce. But the arrow did not stick in the pole, instead bouncing off and hitting Mr Boyce in the face.

But Crown barrister Caroline Marco told the court there was evidence before the jury that Wiedman was not acting in self-defence.

She said there was video footage showing Wiedman trying to stab arrows through a screen door at Mr Boyce.

Mr Weston said the arrow had "ricocheted” off the timber pole into Mr Boyce. But Ms Marco said Wiedman was intending to hit Mr Boyce and the arrow had instead "glanced” off the pole.

Mr Weston also said the judge at the trial had confused the jury and not mentioned they could find him guilty of non-intentional grievous bodily harm, a lesser charge.

He said the judge had not made it explicitly clear the jury could find Weidman had not intended to hurt Mr Boyce, but still find him guilty of hurting him.

The court will return its verdict at a later date. -NewsRegional

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