Mick Bland carves up the waves at Nielson Beach, Bargara.
Mick Bland carves up the waves at Nielson Beach, Bargara. Brian Cassidy

Ex-tropical cyclone brings surf to Bundy

LOCALS took advantage of the waves off Nielson Park at the weekend as a weather warning went out for coastal waters.

Surfer David Gerrard said he enjoyed his morning on the ocean but had his fingers crossed there was more to come.

Mr Gerrard said all the surfers were keen to see bigger waves come in from the low pressure system off the coast.

But, Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Adam Woods said the swell had an easing trend over the coming days and it would be wait and see what ex-tropical Cyclone Owen would bring.

Communities in northern Queensland are bracing as there is a chance Owen could potentially impact on them this week.

Some computer modelling suggests a possible path for the ex-cyclone could see it go across the Gulf of Carpentaria during this week and then reform to cut through Townsville and head south-east to Capricornia on Saturday.

Meteorologist Annabelle Ford, from the Bureau of Meteorology, said that path was just one possibility.

"At this stage we are not sure what it will do by next week ... it's a bit too early to say,” she said.

A severe weather warning for heavy rainfall was released yesterday for North Tropical Coast and Tablelands, extending down as far as Mackay.

Ms Ford yesterday said the ex-cyclone is mostly affecting areas north of Capricornia at the moment.

Mr Woods said rainfall was on its way to the Bundaberg region, but as to how much it was too early to say.

The strong winds would ease a little today and tomorrow for the region.

And he said the temperature would sit around the average for the month at 29 degrees.

Yesterday's temperature was 26 degrees which gave the region a cooler reprieve.

Mr Gerrard said he would just have to sit back and wait to see what Mother Nature would bring to coast of Bargara, hoping for good surf.