UPDATE: Killer Alex McEwan has been sentenced to life behind bars for the slaying of Korean student Eunji Ban.

Sentencing judge Roslyn Atkinson told McEwan despite the fact he had tried to argue he was mentally ill at the time of the killing "you and you alone are responsible" for Ms Ban's death and the "sorrow" he caused to her family.

"You picked out someone for no other reason at all … you committed the most horrible crime, a horrific murder," she said.

"You treated that poor woman with cruelty, degradation and contempt.

"You knew what you were doing and you knew it was wrong but never-the-less you gave into your sadistic fantasies."


EARLIER: Alex McEwan found guilty of murdering Korean student

ALEX McEwan has been found guilty of the murder of Korean student Eunji Ban in Brisbane's CBD in 2013.

Ms Ban was found dead in Wickham Park in the early hours of on November 24, five years ago, after being horrifically beaten.

She was walking to work at her cleaning job shortly after 4am.

McEwan pleaded not guilty to the 22-year-old woman's murder but guilty to her manslaughter in the Brisbane Supreme Court at the start of his three-week trial.

The court heard at the start of the trial, Ms Ban died from head injuries that were so serious she likely drowned in her own blood.

The Crown did not accept his plea to the lesser charge, arguing the man intended to kill the student throughout the trial.

McEwan's barrister John Allen QC claims the man, who was 19 at the time of his arrest, suffers from schizophrenia and should be found not guilty of murder on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

After deliberating for one day, the jury found McEwan guilty of murder.

They dismissed evidence that he was mentally ill at the time of the killing, finding he did have control of his actions and intended to kill Ms Ban.

Throughout the trial, the court heard McEwan was intoxicated on the night of the murder and he went out looking for "someone to kill".

The court also heard he stuffed his T-shirt down Ms Ban's throat to stop her screaming duringhorse-likeng.

"I don't know why, but I decorated the tree beside the tree I put her under with her hair like it was a Christmas tree," McEwan said in evidence about his actions following the killing.

McEwan also told the court that a male demon named Jazzy had haunted him since he was a young boy and he "could hear his presence" beside him, breathing as he slept.

McEwan said it got worse as he entered high-school.

He said the demon told him to kill Ms Ban.

"He's been following me my whole life, I call him Jazzy," he said.

"He has horse like legs, with hooves and a hairy human torso, he has normal hands with claws and a goat's head with horns and sharp teeth and he is very muscular."

McEwan will be sentenced shortly.

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