Hour-long waits for petrol in Rockhampton

Ergon energy making good progress in power restoration

SUNDAY 9AM: ERGON Energy have made good progress in restoring the backbone of the network in Rockhampton and Yeppoon, the substations and high-voltage lines between them.

Crews hope to have the sub-transmission network fully operational today.

Ergon Energy are focusing on supplying generation to service stations and shopping centres on the Capricorn Coast.

Generators have arrived in Yeppoon to enable generation supply to additional services tomorrow such as service stations and shopping centres.

The majority of Gladstone customers have been restored. 

Ergon Energy expect the remainder to be restored this evening.

However, power restoration efforts are ongoing in rural areas and will continue over the next week.

Power has been restored to more than 1,000 customers in Biloela.

Around 40 customers remain without power supply in the township, and 1500 in surrounding rural areas.

Power has been restored to 1700 customers in Monto.

Some rural customers surrounding Monto are still without power


9.45PM: ERGON Energy has advised that 89% of the electricity network across the entire region has been affected from TC Marcia.

Power supply has been restored to the Glenmore Water Treatment Plant, however some minor pump stations in the region are still without power.

Power to vital supplies including petrol stations and supermarkets are also being dealt with as a matter of urgency.

1800 power lines are down and ensuring community safety is Ergon's priority.

It is still unknown when power will be fully restored.

Rockhampton Region Mayor Margaret Strelow urges residents to be careful when using naked flames in and around the home.

"It's been years since we used candles as a primary source of lighting in our homes. Grandma knew not to leave a candle unattended as naked flames can and will lead to a disaster," Mayor Strelow said.

All residents are advised to check Ergon Energy's Facebook page and website www.ergon.com.au for up to date information and call 13 22 96 to report faults.

4.55PM: Rockhampton's water supply is expected to be fully restored this evening.

The Glenmore water treatment plant was back online this afternoon.

4pm: Some aerial images of Jambin 

3.45pm: POWER at the Glenmore water treatment plant is about to be restored.

Residents are still urged to conserve water until the supply is fully restored, and refrain from hosing driveways and houses.

3pm: Here is a video of Rockhampton Mayor Margaret Strelow briefing Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk out the front of the Rockhampton City Hall earlier.

2.36PM: Rockhampton Airport - As QANTAS and Virgin have cancelled all flights to and from Rockhampton today the airport terminal building has been closed.

2.35pm: Skip bins will be delivered to the following locations in Rockhampton later this afternoon for the disposal of perishable waste:

  • Heritage Village Carpark
  • Yaamba Rd Hall
  • Northside Pool
  • Kershaw Gardens, Knight St
  • Glenmore Rd between Main and Gough Sts
  • All Blacks Park, Lakes Creek Rd
  • Lion Creek Rd opposite CQ Leagues Club
  • Bolton Park, Talford St
  • O'Shanesy Park, Bruce Hwy
  • Capelec Park, Hunter St
  • Locations for Gracemere and Mount Morgan will be advised shortly.

2.20pm: QUEENSLAND Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is currently being briefed by the Rockhampton Local Disaster Management Group.

The Premier flew in Rockhampton in the past hour.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is in Rockhampton being brief by the Local Disaster Management Group
Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is in Rockhampton being brief by the Local Disaster Management Group

1.50pm: RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service rescued a man in his 50s from a yacht in Shoalwater Bay this morning. 

The man spent yesterday in his Yacht at Shoalwater Bay as Cyclone Marcia hit the area as a category 5 system.



1.45pm: THE recovery from Tropical Cyclone Marcia is well under way in the Rockhampton region, with many residents already out and about cleaning up their yards and assistance family and friends.

The Local Disaster Management Group has meet today at 12pm today to review the damage within the region with a number of external organisations and groups.

Chair of the Local Disaster Management Group Councillor Tony Williams said that even though the Coordination Centre is still receiving a number of calls for assistance, the recovery is well underway.

"We have a systematic process in place to help us identify and assess the damage right across our region." Said Councillor Williams.

"We have been concentrating on clearing the major routes through town, and all roads to the Hospital are now clear.

"After all the majors have been cleared, we are working on clearing the roads to and from the shops. Many residents are without power, so this is important to allow residents to stock up their food supplies.

"There have been some isolated reports of water supply at properties, but the Glenmore treatment plant will be back online within the next hour."

Ergon Energy is currently working on restoring power to specific sections in town that are critical to restore vital services. At this stage it is unknown when the power will be back on for the remainder of the region.

Telstra is asking residents to limit sending photos over the mobile phone network and through Facebook. There is limited network coverage and where possible Telstra is trying to limit the congestion. 


Cases of structural damage:  1145

Structural damage from trees: 78

Cases of fallen trees and vegetation debris: 132

1.30pm: Rockhampton Airport is now open, and is operating the 1800m runway.

Please confirm with the commercial airlines regarding services 

NOON: Ergon Energy crews are working to restore power to water treatment plants in the region and residents are urged to conserve water.

89% of the region's power is out.

Ergon Energy has 300 extra staff working in the Rockhampton region and the SES has called in extra crews from the Whitsundays and Townsville.

Seventy extra officers from the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service have converged on Rockhampton, as have Australian Defence Force personnel.

11.53AM: Water is on the Capricorn Highway between Gracemere and Rockhampton.

10.45AM: Water is receding in the township of Biloela, which was hammered by Cyclone Marcia last night.

Heavy rain in the catchments caused rapid water level rises in Callide and Kroombit dams.

Callide Dam flood gates opened automatically, causing inundation in communities below the dam.

There was widespread flooding in all communities from Lawgi through to Dululu.

More than 30 Jambin residents were evacuated this morning.

Large parts of Biloela are without power and residents are being urged to conserve drinking water because the water treatment plant at Calvale Road is off line due to the power outage.

Taxis: Rockhampton Yellow Cabs and Yeppoon Yellow Cabs have been assisting emergency services overnight in the aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Marcia.

We can now advise that taxis are available for booking by the general public however remind people that emergency services have asked residents to remain indoors and not travel around the streets at this time.

Conditions are still dangerous and there are power lines and debris across roads. However if essential travel is required please call our booking centre on 13 1924.

9.50AM: Ergon Energy crews are moving south from Mackay to support the Rockhampton and Yeppoon restoration response.

There are more than 1200 powerlines down in the Rockhampton/Yeppoon area.

Residents should stay clear of fallen powerlines and assume they are "live".

9.20AM: The Rockhampton Airport is currently open only to emergency aircraft.  Crews are working to get the airport operational again as soon as possible. Travellers should contact their airlines for information on rescheduling.

9.10AM: The CQ Health 2015 Sports and Health Expo has been postponed. A new date will be provided in the coming days.

9AM: Rockhampton residents are being urged to be conservative with their water use as power has not yet been restored to the region's water pumps. The water is still safe, however supply is limited and should be used as sparingly as possible.


  • Ergon estimates 50,000 lost power
  • Woodbury and Glenmore water treatment plants have lost power and is unable to produce water at Yeppoon and Rockhampton
  • No known loss of life
  • No known injuries
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars damage done
  • GIVIT available for help
  • Debris still a serious hazard

DAMAGE reports and requests for help in Rockhampton have doubled since yesterday afternoon in wake of ex-tropical Cyclone Marcia.

Rockhampton Regional Council's Local Disaster Co-ordination has been receiving calls for assistance and updates on the extent of the damage well into the night.

Early Saturday, the council said there had been 732 reports.

As at midnight, the centre received reports including 92 cases of flooding, 352 cases of structural damage to homes and businesses, 123 cases of fallen trees and vegetation debris and 14 evacuations.

While electricity remains cut across most of the region, over 91 electrical related reports have been logged, predominantly for fallen power lines, exposed electrical wires, power lines under trees and electrical exposure to water.

Residents are reminded to always assume all fallen power lines are live and to stay well away, warn others and contact the LDCC on 1300 652 659  to report any damage.

Rockhampton Regional Council's Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) Chair, Cr Tony Williams, says the council is working with support agencies to assess and prioritise the recovery process.

"There will be long days ahead for our crews, but we have strong support from across the state and great cooperation from the community," he said.

Renton Bishopric posted these photos of the serious damage TC Marcia caused.
Renton Bishopric posted these photos of the serious damage TC Marcia caused. Renton Bishopric

Getting electricity back into homes is a major concern

"The focus for Ergon so far has been on critical infrastructure including communication lines and water supply which is crucial to the overall recovery process," he said.

An extra 300 Ergon personnel from Mackay and Townsville are expected to arrive today to help restore power in affected areas.

Cr Williams said the SES has received hundreds of calls for assistance with damage overnight and additional resources have been tasked to the Region.

"We have an extra 74 SES volunteers arriving today and Council has also sought further assistance with contractors from Brisbane to assist with the clean-up.

"The extent and nature of the damage means the processes will be slow and we ask the community to be patient," he said.

Police are also on standby to undertake an extensive assessment following overnight work from Main Roads installing generators to restore power to some traffic lights.

The collective effort to open access and clear the roads can be aided if people stay off the roads.

Residents are also being asked not to take green waste to the landfill until green waste disposal sites are confirmed.

Ergon urges patience as crews move in to restore power

5.55pm: ERGON has advised that Cyclone Marcia has caused extensive damage to powerlines throughout the Rockhampton Region. 

They will begin restoration to power supplies as soon as it is safe to do so.  Residents and visitors are asked to be patient.

Any powerline should be treated as live and should not be touched under any circumstances.

Please report faults to the Ergon Fault Centre on 132296 or phone 000 for any emergency.

More than 12,000 left without power

5.30pm: ROCKHAMPTON Mayor Margaret Strelow says initial assessments show that 270 buildings in Rockhampton have been damaged and 67 properties have been flooded.

More than 12,000 people in South Rockhampton are without power and there are reports of fallen powerlines in up to 100 streets.
The Robert Schwarten Pavilion at the Rockhampton Showgrounds will open at 6pm as an evacuation centre.

5:00 PM

POWER has been lost to the Woodbury and Glenmore water treatment plants and both are unable to produce water at Yeppoon and  Rockhampton.

Read the full story here: Residents urged to conserve water as both water treatment plants are without power

Hundreds of millions of dollars in damage

4.18PM: NO LIVES appear lost but hundreds of millions of dollars damage is being revealed as disaster management crews begin their assessment of the Capricorn Coast.

After a day of some of the most intense weather the Capricorn Coast has ever experienced, the first impression of Yeppoon resembles a warzone.

Mayor Bill Ludwig said trees were down from one end of the shire to another, roads remained impassable, power lines are down everywhere and a lot of older houses have suffered irreparable damage.

"We're waiting on assessment reports now," Cr Ludwig said.

"Woodbury is very hard to get through and we'll have teams out there for the next few days looking to clear the roads.

The 1000 people who sat the storm out in three evacuation centres are gradually being released but have been advised not to return home, but to stay with family or friends.

Cr Ludwig said the council chambers survived well and would be fully functional tomorrow.

"We're working around the clock in a coordinated effort with QFS, SES, police, ambulance and Ergon Energy who are a major player," he said.

"But so far, we are not aware of any injuries."

4.09PM: ANYONE wanting to assist communities impacted by Cyclone Marcia by donating goods should contact GIVIT.

GIVIT utilises a unique web based virtual warehouse that eliminates the need for organisations to physically collect and store donations. 

The organisation provides a targeted donation matching and sourcing solution to ensure those who need assistance get exactly what they need, where and when they need it most.

Individuals wanting to donate goods can visit www.givit.org.au to see what is urgently needed in disaster affected communities.

For businesses and corporate organisations wanting to assist communities impacted by disaster, please visit www.givit.org.au or email info@givit.org.au to pledge your donation or offer of assistance.

3.52PM: AS the winds and rain begin to ease, the full scale of the damage is beginning to emerge.

Residents with significant damage to their homes should call the Local Disaster Coordination Centre and report the damage, whether it's from a tree through the roof, a roof blown off, or considerable water through your home.
Rockhampton deputy mayor, Tony Williams suggested residents take photos of the damage for insurance purposes.

"Make sure that you look at your surroundings and assess the safety risk for you and your family." he said.

"There are a number of power lines down across the Region, so please do not go out and start cleaning up until after our emergency service crews have been out and assessed the damage.

"If you believe that your house in unsafe for you and your family to stay call the LDCC now - we can provide assistance."

Residents are advised to report any damage, or requests for assistance to the Local Disaster Coordination Centre on 1300 652 659. 

3.37PM: CYCLONE Marcia has caused extensive damage to powerlines in both Livingstone Shire and Rockhampton region.

Ergon has advised that they will begin restoring power supplies as soon as it is safe to do so. 
Residents and visitors are asked to be patient.

Any powerline should be treated as live and should not be touched under any circumstances.

Please report faults to the Ergon Fault Centre on 132296 or phone 000 for any emergency.

>>Traffic Alert

  • Rockhampton motorists should be aware the inbound lanes on Moore's Creek Rd are impassible.


2.50pm: Ergon Energy reports there are about 50,000 customers without power across Rockhampton and Yeppoon.

Crews will commence restoration work weather permitting and where it is safe to do so but that may not be until tomorrow.

The network continues to be impacted by strong winds.

2.32PM: TEENAGERS Lonnie Ingui, Tyson Hornung and Brian Hornung wasted no time in inspecting the damage caused by Cyclone Marcia.

The three boys were among a handful of people out and about in North Rockhampton just before 2pm today during a break in the wild weather.

As concerned residents inspected the damage to their properties, Glenmore State High student Lonnie said he wasn't overly concerned, despite being surrounded by debris at the corner of Berserker and High St.

Lonnie hails from the Torres Strait Islands and said he had experienced the impact of cyclones there many times before.

He said his home, located off High St, had only suffered minor damage.

Lonnie Ingui, Tyson Hornung and Brian Hornung inspect the damage from Cyclone Marcia on the corner of High St and Berserker St on February 20, 2015. Photo Guy Williams / Morning Bulletin
Lonnie Ingui, Tyson Hornung and Brian Hornung inspect the damage from Cyclone Marcia on the corner of High St and Berserker St on February 20, 2015. Photo Guy Williams / Morning Bulletin Guy Williams

2.14PM: Rockhampton's CBD is littered with fallen trees and there are multiple reports of fallen powerlines across the city.

Rockonia Rd, Musgrave Rd (between Yaamba Rd and Kerrigan St roundabout) and parts of Quay St are unpassable.

Residents are also reporting damage to their homes, with several reports that roofs have been partially lifted.

A truck driver has reported that the tarmac of the Bruce Hwy is lifting at the Shoalwater Bay turnoff.

One West Rockhampton resident said he could not see the grass in his backyard for branches.

Livingstone Shire Council has just begun its first round of inspections as the worst of Cyclone Marcia is now behind them.

Mayor Bill Ludwig said the focus was on returning the 1000 people in evacuation shelters to their homes, but they were still several hours away and asking people to be patient.

Disaster teams including the council, QFRS, police and Ergon Energy are surveying damage from the significant storm tide which reached the gates of the council chambers.

Cr Ludwig said the Capricorn Coast had a massive cleanup on its hands.

Following the heavy rainfall and the chance of further rain in the next few hours, FRW advise that residents and property owners along Byrnes Parade Mount Morgan should be watchful of the levels in the river and consider moving to higher ground as a precaution.

1.44PM: AN ERRIE calm has fallen over Rockhampton, now in the eye of Cyclone Marcia.

For the first time in several hours, the wind and rain are silent and residents are ignoring advice to stay inside, instead venturing outside to catch a glimpse of damage left in the wake of the monster storm.

In any minute now, Rockhampton will begin to see the conditions whip back into the frenzy of the past couple of hours and residents will brace for the rest of the storm to pass.

1.13PM EDITOR'S UPDATE: AS Central Queensland hunkers down to ride out cyclone Marcia, we just lost our shed.

It blew apart as winds hit 100kmh.

Just before that we watched a taxi driver pick up a young man across the road where he took refuge from the storm. 

Branches and debris are down all around.

Water is gushing through the window

1.00PM BOM UPDATE: TC Marcia has been downgraded to category 3 and is expected to impact Rockhampton in the next couple of hours.

Winds at the eye are at 150kph with gusts up to 205kph.

The cyclone is 25 kms WSW of Yeppoon moving south towards Rockhampton at 19kph.

Although reports of damage to houses are beginning to emerge from the Yeppoon there is still no real picture of the damage on the Capricorn Coast.

On Great Keppel Island, several tourist cabins have washed into the sea and the island has sustained major erosion.

12.55PM: The Emergency Action Plan for Mount Morgan No 7 Dam has been activated.

Residents downstream of the Mount Morgan dam are advised that the level in the dam is continuing to rise and you should be alert and listen to ABC radio for further announcements.

At this stage there is no need for people to move from their homes they will be advised of any changes as they come to hand.

12.31PM: ROCKHAMPTON residents are being told to brace for a category three cyclone in the coming hours, as the eye of the storm heads right for the city.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the cyclone, which has been recently downgraded to a category four, grazed Yeppoon and was heading directly towards Rockhampton.

There are unconfirmed reports that the cinema in Rockhampton has lost its roof. 

It is unclear of the extent of damage at this stage but Ms Palaszczuk said she would be fully briefed in the coming hour.

There have been no reports of injuries at this stage.

"We've had some initial, preliminary information around the Yeppoon area, we've heard there have been some trees down and some slight damage to houses," she said.

"We have heard of some reports of flooding starting to occur now in Rockhampton.

"So my message to all of Rockhampton residents is to please stay indoors. The eye of the storm is heading directly towards you. Please stay inside. Do not be out on the street."

The Premier also said 33,000 residents were without power in the Yeppoon and Rockhampton area, which would increase as the day progressed.

The Bureau of Meteorology forecast path for Tropical Cyclone Marcia as of noon on Friday February 20, 2015.
The Bureau of Meteorology forecast path for Tropical Cyclone Marcia as of noon on Friday February 20, 2015.

12.05: Power is reportedly out across Kawana.

Here is a list of reported road closures:

1.       Burnett Highway (41E) - Biloela to Mt. Morgan OPEN WITH CAUTION. Water over road at multiple locations between Dululu and Biloela

2.       Bruce Highway (10F) - Rockhampton to St. Lawrence CLOSED just south of Marlborough - water over the road and very high winds

3.       Bruce Highway (10E) - Benaraby to Rockhampton OPEN WITH CAUTION - high winds and moderate rain

4.       Burnett Highway (41F) - Mount Morgan to Rockhampton OPEN WITH CAUTION - some small loose rocks scattered on sections of the road


11.47: Parts of Great Keppel's Hideaway Resort are 'washing away'.

REPORTS are emerging that the outdoor section of Hideaway Resort on Great Keppel Island is washing into the sea. 

Residents are hunkered together in the resorts main building. 

More information and photographs will be available soon.

11.42: Berserker home loses a roof as city hit by power outages.

WEATHER in the Rockhampton region has intensified with reports of power lines down, homes losing electricity and one house in Berserker appears to have lost a roof.

SES controller Eddie Cowie said 10-12 SES teams would be ready to hit the ground in Rockhampton once it was safe.

Livingstone Shire has just completed its first repair and recovery planning meeting but Mayor Bill Ludwig says it's still a matter of waiting it out.

He said the only report of serious damage to date was the surf club roof but he expected damage reports to begin rolling in.


11.30:  Yeppoon Surf Lifesaving Club loses its roof to Cyclone Marcia

Reports have emerged that Yeppoon Surf Lifesaving Club has lost part of its roof as Cyclone Marcia is downgraded to Category 4. 

A section of the roof was found in the back yard of the police station 300m away.

Winds at the eye of the storm are around 175kph with gusts up to 250kph. 

The storm surge has peaked with reports of waves slamming the Scenic Hwy.

There are also reports the lights are out at St Brendan's College evacuation centre. 

Rockhampton residents are advised that Stockland carpark is open for shelter for vehicles though residents are being urged not to drive as some power lines are coming down across the city.

More information will be published as it comes to hand.


11.00am: Eye of Cyclone Marcia to hit Yeppoon within an hour

The eye of the cyclone is now near Byfield and expected to muscle its way over Yeppoon in the next  hour.

About an hour later she is expected to unleash her rage on Rockhampton, by which time forecasters predict she will be a Category 3 cyclone, still a very severe storm.


10.30am:  Byfield region faces down Cyclone Marcia's destructive power

THE BYFIELD area is currently feeling the full brunt of Cyclone Marcia as 285kph winds tear down trees and generators are the only source of power.

At the local shop, where the owners are away on holidays, American Ariana Yaw is taking care of business.

"I've been through heaps of earthquakes, but this is my first cyclone and I'm a bit nerve-wrecked...we've already got one broken window," she said.

"We can see 20 or 30 trees down from where we are and everyone is just hunkered down.

"The power went out at 9am but we have plenty of food, and grog if we need it."

10am: SES local controller Eddie Cowie says authorities in Rockhampton are preparing for structural damage, power outages and road closures when Cyclone Marcia crosses the city later today.

The Category 5 system is moving at 20kmh and is currently crossing the coast around the Shoalwater Bay area.

Mr Cowie said this was one of the strongest systems he had seen in the local area in decades.

It is expected the cyclone will have weakened to a Category 3 when it hits Rockhampton, but authorities stressed that such a system was capable of wreaking considerable damage.

Authorities were reluctant to specify the time it was expected to cross Rockhampton and urged people to continue monitoring information sites.

There are reports that emergency services, Ergon Energy and SES crews are now seeking shelter for the coming hours as the weather conditions have become too dangerous for operations.

There are reports of power lines and trees down across the region, including power lines down in Summer St, Koongal.

Keep up to date with reports by following us on Twitter and the #tcmarcia and #wildweather hashtags.

9.15:  THE Capricorn Coast can expect to feel the brunt of destructive winds from around 11am. 

Livingstone mayor Bill Ludwig said Cyclone Marcia was unpredictable and could lose intensity as is crossed the coast but at this stage they were expecting winds up to 200kph to persist for a three to four hour period.

"Our advice is for everyone to stay off the roads except for emergency services vehicles in absolute emergencies," Cr Ludwig said.

"We are in batten down the hatches mode."

In emergency situations, call 000.

Anyone with non-emergency concerns should call the call centre on 49135100.


8.30am:  SEVERE tropical cyclone Marcia has begun to cross the coast and all Capricorn Coast residents have been told to seek shelter immediately.

Livingstone mayor Bill Ludwig said no-one should walk outside, drive or travel anywhere until the danger has passed.

Cyclone evacuation centres are locked down, prepared for wind gusts up to 295kms per hour.

Cr Ludwig urged residents to exercise great caution as the calm eye of the storm passed over ahead of further intense conditions.

Further updates at 9am.

7.35am: QUEENSLAND Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has told a press conference on Cyclone Marcia that there are about 170 in the Yeppoon Cyclone Shelter.

She said about 1870 low lying homes will be impacted by the cyclone and high tides.

"We are with you every single step of the way. We are by your side. Look out for each other, but it is paramount that everyone remains safe," the Premier tweeted.

"Over the next few hours, people around the Yeppoon area from Sarina south, down, will feel gale force winds," she told media.

"We need everyone to be safe during this period of time.

"We expect the full blunt of this cyclone will be felt around the Yeppoon area.

"We are very concerned with people's safety. 

"We have already started evacuations around Yeppoon and the low-lying coastal areas.

"There are 1870 homes that will be impacted which are in the low-lying areas.

"These people have been doorknocked and they have been told to evacuate.

"We have the Yeppoon cyclone shelter up and running; there are about 170 people currently in Yeppoon evacuation centre.

"Emergency services have been deployed to that area.

"You need to take action now do not leave it any later.

"Once this cyclone passes over Yeppoon we expect it to go through Rockhampton at a category three.

"This is also extremely serious.

"Can I please say to all residents in Yeppoon and the Rockhampton region, your safety is now paramount.

"We want you to stay in your homes, please do not leave your homes this morning, do not go outside under any circumstances."

7am: THE Livingstone Shire Council advises that no landfill or transfer station will be operational today.

No rubbish collections will be undertaken and further advice will be provided after the Cyclone threat has passed.

Customer Service Centres at the Yeppoon Town Hall, Emu Park and East Street Rockhampton are closed. The Local Disaster Coordination Centre can be contacted on 4913 5100 or 1300 797 709.


5.30am: RESIDENTS of Causeway Lake, Mulambin Waters and Mulambin Beach are strongly encouraged to evacuate due to high likelihood of flooding up to about 2.5 meters above highest tide level.

Please evacuate immediately to friends or proceed to Yeppoon High School Cyclone Shelter via following Route:-

• Scenic Highway
• LHT at tourism Information Centre roundabout
• RHT onto Tabone Street

Residents of Kinka Beach are strongly encouraged to evacuate due to high likelihood of flooding up to approx. 2.5 meters above highest tide level.
Please evacuate immediately to friends or proceed to Yeppoon High School Cyclone Shelter via following Route:-

• Proceed to Yeppoon via Tanby Road
• LHT at Tanby/Rockhampton Intersection (BP Service Station)
• RHT onto Tabone Street

Residents of Todd Avenue are strongly encouraged to evacuate due to high likelihood of flooding up to approx. 2.5 meters above highest tide level.
Please evacuate immediately to friends or proceed to St Brendan's College via following Route:-

• Adelaide Park Road

Residents of Whitman Street, Williams Street,  Charles Street, Morris Street, Burnett Street, Arthur Street  are strongly encouraged to evacuate due to high likelihood of flooding up to approx. 2.5 meters above highest tide level.
Please evacuate immediately to friends or proceed to St Brendan's College via following Route:-

• Normanby Street
• Adelaide Park Road

Residents of Percy Ford Street and Swordfish Avenue are strongly encouraged to evacuate due to high likelihood of flooding up to about 2.5 meters above highest tide level in some locations.

Please evacuate immediately to friends or proceed to Police Citizens Youth Club at 170 Matthew Flinders Drive, Yeppoon.

Residents of  Joyce Avenue and Merrill Place are strongly encouraged to evacuate due to high likelihood of flooding up to approx. 2.5 meters above highest tide level in some locations.
Please evacuate immediately to friends or proceed to Police Citizens Youth Club at 170 Matthew Flinders Drive, Yeppoon.

Please be advised that residents of low lying areas in Zilzie Bay, Joskeleigh and Keppel Sands are advised to consider evacuating to friends or family in higher locations, if safe to do so on the roads. If required the Emu Park Cultural Hall on Hill St will be opened for residents needing somewhere to go from 5am. 

5am: With Tropical Cyclone (TC) Marcia continuing to intensify, Rockhampton Regional Council last night made the decision to close Rockhampton Airport until Friday afternoon.

Chair of the Local Disaster Management Group Councillor Tony Williams said that this closure was due to the extreme weather that has been predicted.

"We are in for very strong winds over the next 24 hours, and this has an impact on the safety of aircraft flying into the Region," said Cr Williams.

"For residents who are booked on passenger flights tomorrow, it is important to contact your airline carrier and discuss options"

"Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service is relocating tonight temporarily to Mackay to ensure that they are still able to offer assistance to the Region if required.

An update on the situation will be provided today.

7.30pm: Two buses are on the way to Marlborough to evacuate residents in the path of severe Cyclone Marcia as it builds towards a category 5 system by landfall early Friday.

Livingstone Shire Council Mayor Bill Ludwig urged any residents in  the impact zone of the cyclone which could produce winds gust over 250kmh to make their way to the Marlborough Hall for a 9pm pick up tonight.

Ogmore is one of the communities under threat.

The cyclone is forecast to make landfall at 8am Friday.

People wishing to meet the bus should call 4913 5100. They will be taken to the Yeppoon cyclone shelter.

12.45pm: The Rockhampton Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) has moved into the 'Lean Forward' stage following the forecast for Tropical Cyclone (TC) Marcia from The Bureau of Meteorology.

Rockhampton LDMG Chair, Deputy Mayor Cr Tony Williams said this meant Rockhampton Council and all agencies were making preparations now to ensure they have the resources and actions ready to respond to TC Marcia.

"The Bureau of Meteorology has indicated that TC Marcia is forecasted to cross the coast between St Lawrence and Bundaberg as a Category 2 system early 20 February 2015," Cr Williams said.

"As a result we are on a severe weather warning and can expect heavy rainfall, destructive winds up to 150km/hour, gales, abnormally high tides and gusts up to 125km/hour in the Rockhampton Region.

"Residents are advised to prepare their properties and take the necessary precautions to protect their homes and families," he said.

Sand pile locations
Sand only. BYO shovel and sandbags (double wrapped plastic shopping bags, soil bags or any suitable sized hessian or synthetic bag).

Rockhampton City  
Exhibition Road, near the Robert Schwarten Pavilion at the Rockhampton Showgrounds

Rockhampton North
Farm Street, next to the railway line, opposite Lacey's Trailers
Dean Street, near McLeod Park (on high section)
Judd Park, Norman Road

Carpark off Ian Besch Drive, off Fisher Street

Mount Morgan
Patterson Street

Information on how to fill sandbags can be found at www.emergency.qld.gov.au/ses/ and further information on preparing for a disaster can be found at www.rockhamptonregion.qld.gov.au/Our_Region/Disaster_Management

Rockhampton Pound
The Rockhampton Pound will be closed from Friday 20 February 2015. Residents with a pet currently impounded are urged to collect their animal any time from now until 4pm. All remaining impounded animals will be moved to a more secure location sheltered from the anticipated strong winds and rain.

For further information the Pound can be contacted on 4936 8555. If you are unable to get through on this number please call Customer Service on 1300 22 55 77.

Evacuation centre
Council would like to advise that there is no Cyclone Evacuation Shelter in the Rockhampton Region. The closest shelter is located in Yeppoon and is the responsibility of Livingstone Shire Council.

Residents are advised to seek shelter during the event in the sturdiest room of their house (in many cases, the bathroom). Those concerned should request to stay with friends and family in homes sturdier than their own.

After the event, Council will reassess the situation and determine whether or not a Recovery Evacuation Centre is required.

Riverside Carpark
The Riverside Carpark (between Derby Street and Denham Street, Rockhampton) will be supervised on Thursday, 19 February 2015 due to the King Tides and possibility of flooding. Users of the car park are advised to take care and Council will continue to monitor the situation as the weather changes.

Rockhampton Airport
Rockhampton Airport remains open today. Weather conditions at the airport may change and low cloud, rain and visibility conditions may cause disruptions to flights. Passengers are urged to contact their airlines regarding possible flight delays and cancellations.

Rockhampton Zoo
The Rockhampton Zoo will close at 4:30pm today (as per usual) and remain closed on Friday, 20 February 2015. Arrangements are being made to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the animals. Council will assess the damage tomorrow to identify whether the Zoo will open on Saturday.

Sports Expo:
The 2015 Sports Expo is still going ahead at this stage and will be re-assessed tomorrow.

Further information will be provided following the next 4pm debrief.

11am: MORE information that is relevant to Rockhampton and Capricorn Coast residents in the wake of Cyclone Marcia heading towards the region.

Capricorn Enterprise emergency procedures have been activated.

The Yeppoon Visitor Information Centre (VIC) will be CLOSED tomorrow with appropriate signage on the door for visitors, along with emergency contacts. 

Volunteers have been notified as well as our colleagues at Shell World Yeppoon. 

Due to the location of the Yeppoon VIC (next to Fig Tree Creek), a Capricorn Enterprise representative will visit the Yeppoon VIC early this afternoon to ensure all provisions have been made to avoid any damage to brochure stocks should minor flooding occur.

The Rockhampton Visitor Information Centre (VIC) at this stage will remain open tomorrow to assist visitors travelling the Pacific Touring Route, but a final decision will be made later today to ensure the safety of our staff and volunteers. 

Head office in Rockhampton, 34 East Street, will remain open with minimal staff.  Any staff who travel distances to work (i.e. from Yeppoon to Rockhampton) will remain home tomorrow.


  • Statue Bay, Scenic Highway, Yeppoon is CLOSED to all vehicles - alternate route provided to Rosslyn Bay Harbour and Keppel Bay Marina
  • Freedom Fastcats ferry service to Great Keppel Island operating today - returning from the island at 12 noon.  Ferry service to island on Friday 20th February 2015 cancelled.  Regular services expected to resume on Saturday 21st February 2015 (9.15am departure from mainland, 3.45pm departure from GKI).
  • Capricorn Caves closed Friday 20th February 2015


  • The Livingstone Shire Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) was activated this morning at 7am.
  • The Crisis Communication network was activated at 6am this morning with the Departments (and Tourism and Events Queensland) asked to provide intel on a 4hr roster over the coming days. 
  • As such, Capricorn Enterprise will communicate all necessary updates to the relevant authorities on a regular basis.  Capricorn Enterprise will also send an update to our Volunteers and Members later today.
  • The Keppel Bay Marina is issuing regular updates to their vessel owners:
  • The Regional Harbour Master has escalated to a Yellow alert as per the Extreme Weather Event Contingency Plan.
  • The latest updates are available at BOM Cyclone Warnings.
  • Tropical Cyclone Forecast Track Map issued 7.57am
  • Tropical Cyclone Advice Number 8
  • The next update will be available at 11am.

A Storm Force (48-63 knots) Warning current for today as a trough is crossing the coast in advance of the Cyclone.
A Severe Weather Warning is current for our area.

The Yeppoon Cyclone Shelter is located at Yeppoon High school on Rawlings St.  For more information, contact Livingstone Shire Council.

6am: If there is a flood or storm emergency contact the SES on 132 500, but for all life-threatening emergencies always contact 000.

Tune in to your local radio station to listen for weather warning updates.

Visit the Bureau of Meteorology at www.bom.gov.au for the latest information on weather events

Log on to the Queensland Disaster Management Services website, www.disaster.qld.gov.au, for information on preparing, emergency alerts issued and current information on disaster events.

Check your property for any loose material, and tie down all large, relatively light items like rubbish bins or boats.

Check to make sure your emergency kit is fully stocked. This should include a torch with extra batteries, a battery powered radio, bottled water, a waterproof jacket, a plastic sheet and masking take to tape broken windows, medication, and three days worth of non-perishable food.


To make your own sandbag, SES co-ordinator Eddie Cowie said double bagging plastic shopping bags and filling them with soil, sand or gravel can work.

Livingstone Shire Council is providing sand for people to fill their own sandbags at Musa Dr in Keppel Sands, the Cnr of Pattison and Hunter Sts in Emu Park and the Basketball Stadium carpark in Yeppoon.

Flash flood warning

Heavy rainfall associated with a trough is forecast to affect catchments between Rockhampton and the NSW border from Thursday through to Saturday.

Widespread rainfall totals of 200-400 mm are forecast, with locally higher rainfall likely.

The heaviest rainfall is expected to fall within coastal catchments. A severe weather warning and tropical cyclone advice are current for parts of the flood watch area.

River level rises above the minor flood level are expected. Heavy rainfall may also lead to localised flash flooding.

Catchments at risk within the flood watch area include the Dawson, Calliope, Boyne, Baffle.

Closure of Riverside Carpark

Rockhampton Regional Council will monitor river levels at the Riverside Carpark (between Derby St and Denham St, Rockhampton) today.

The top side of the carpark will be open but due to the king tides and possibility of flooding, Council advised part the carpark may be closed.

CBD workers are urged to carpool to reduce congestion in the mall.

The situation will be reassessed after midday and further updates will be provided.

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