Aussie settles for second

In the truest sense, Gillian Webb-Enslin gave it her best shot.

Unfortunately it wasn’t good enough to help Australia beat England in a prestigious shooting tournament in the mother country, but it was good enough to win a silver medal.

The Apple Tree Creek markswoman and her team-mates had to settle for second after the hosts won gold in the Australia Match in Bisley, Surrey.

Webb-Enslin was making her fifth appearance for Australia after earning her selection following her victory in the Tasmanian Target Rifle Shooting Championships.

Not surprisingly, the 42-year-old mother of two said she would have loved to have come home with gold.

“It doesn’t get any better than beating England, but we couldn’t manage it this time,” Webb-Enslin, who was born and raised in a country ravaged by civil war, Zimbabwe, said.

“Saying that, finishing second is no disgrace when you are shooting in this quality of competition.

“I’m happy with my silver medal, besides, there is always next time.”

A member of the Pacific Rifle Club in Brisbane, Webb-Enslin won’t have to wait very long to have another crack.

She and her husband Darren are in the Australian team to contest the World Long Range Rifle Championships in Brisbane next year.

“I am counting the days,” Webb-Enslin, who has previously represented Zimbabwe, said.


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