Jessica and Shelby Douglas make the best of the hot weather with a day at Kelly’s Beach.
Jessica and Shelby Douglas make the best of the hot weather with a day at Kelly’s Beach. Scottie Simmonds

End in sight to hot, humid nights

RELIEF is around the corner for people who have been battling the region's sweltering conditions in the past week, with humidity levels set to recede and temperatures to get just a little bit cooler.

Although the average daily temperatures were only two degrees warmer than usual for this time of year, humidity was the culprit of the uncomfortable weather plaguing the community.

“It's really the tropical air being brought down in the wake of cyclone Yasi,” Queensland forecaster Matthew Bass said.

“What's making it feel horrible is the humidity in the north-easterly wind coming off the Coral Sea.”

Mr Bass said the current weather pattern was a natural process for this time of year.

“Humidity should drop off as we get a south-easterly wind,” he said.

Weatherzone forecaster Brett Dutschke also said the current weather pattern was not so unusual.

“Today is the ninth day of 30-degree heat,” he said.

“Last January, there was a much longer spell of 30-degree heat which went on for 21 days.”

However, it has been the nightly temperatures of the past nine nights that had caused the most grief.

The average temperature of 23C was the longest and warmest spell Bundaberg had experienced in seven years.

“Seven years ago, that warmth continued for 11 consecutive nights,” Mr Dutschke said.

He said Saturday night was the warmest evening of the past two years, with an overnight low of 25.3C.

But the forecaster did bring happy news – thanks to the south-easterly winds developing along the coast, the nights will soon become a bit cooler.

“With so much humidity, it doesn't allow it to cool down at night,” he said.

Mr Dutschke said last night should have been the last of the hot, sticky nights.

He said tonight and tomorrow night should see the overnight lows “close to normal”, which is the 21.5C average for this time of year.

Mr Dutschke said there was a chance of thunderstorms and a “brief burst” of showers, but things should dry out again by Friday.

“Nights will slowly warm up early next week, but it doesn't look like (the humidity) will be as bad,” he said.

The week of heat

February 1 – 23.6C min, 32.2C max

February 2 – 24.6C min, 31.7C max

February 3 – 24.9C min, 31.9C max

February 4 – 23.3C min, 31.8C max

February 5 – 24.7C min, 31.2C max

February 6 – 25.3C min, 32.4C max