Emergency landing at Toowoomba Aiport due to fuse fault

A FAULTY fuse is thought to have caused the landing gear indicator on a light aircraft to malfunction, prompting the pilot to issue a distress call.

Emergency services were called to the Toowoomba Airport about 7.20pm on Tuesday with reports the landing gear on an incoming Cessna 210 single engine aircraft failed to engage.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Inspector Paul Evans said the craft had fixed running gear but the male pilot was not confident it had engaged properly.

"He put in a request for all emergency services including Toowoomba Regional Council and airport management, to be on scene," he said.

"He has done a couple of circles and there were visuals done, and then when we were ready and the pilot was ready, he landed successfully.

"It's a great outcome and it's better off putting everybody there so we can support him, rather than have him go on gut feeling and come in and have undercarriage failure."

Insp. Evans said the rapid response of all emergency services ensured there were very few incidents at the Wilsonton airport despite the volume of traffic.

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