Emely has many strings to bow

Emely Rauenbusch is excelling at her musical studies but is also considering a career path in psychology.
Emely Rauenbusch is excelling at her musical studies but is also considering a career path in psychology. Contributed

ORCHESTRAL musician, music teacher or criminal psychologist - not many 16-year-olds find themselves contemplating such a diverse career choice.

“I love music, and would like to study at the Conservatorium,” said Emely Rauenbusch, “but I feel I could help people if I become a clinical psychologist and focus on behavioural studies and counselling, or perhaps even do criminal profiling.”

The youngest of five children, Emely grew up in Wonbah, 50km from Gin Gin, and learned the violin from the age of eight.

Music is in the family. Emely's father used to sing in a boys' choir and also played the trumpet, and both parents sing in their church's concerts for the elderly in the Gin Gin Nursing Home.

Until two years ago, Emely was home schooled through the Australian Christian Academy of Distance Education.

“With home schooling you have to be very self-motivated and I thought it would be easier to have a bit of structure,” Emely said of her move two years ago to start Year 9 at the Bundaberg Christian College.

That year she also learned piano, guitar, drums and the oboe. In the second semester of Year 10 she transferred to St Luke's on an academic and music scholarship, as their music program catered more to her needs.

As well as playing in the Senior School Orchestra, Senior Strings and the Senior String Ensemble, she is also a member of the Bundaberg Youth Orchestra No. 1 (for musicians with higher qualifications) and teaches music to several students after school.

Emely loves being involved in the community; apart from playing at fundraising events in Gin Gin, she also entertained at Carols By Candlelight and still accompanies her parents to entertain the residents of Gin Gin Nursing Home.

Since moving to Bundaberg she has been playing her violin for the residents of Fairways Retirement Village and Liberty Villas.

“I love performing. You can be very creative about it and say something through music that you could otherwise not be able to say.

“It's also quite relaxing and helps your academic side as well.”

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