Kevin Megaw puts finishing touches to the seal on Bundaberg’s ringroad last month.
Kevin Megaw puts finishing touches to the seal on Bundaberg’s ringroad last month.

'Fix this bucking road'

“FIX this bucking road”- the message is clear from Alloway residents such as Jim O'Brien, tired of waking to the sound of semi-trailers roaring past his home at 4.30am every morning.

The sign was recently erected by an unknown protester, stemming from the continued presence of semi-trailers on the road, despite the new $100 million ring road now being fully operational.

“They built this ring road to get trucks off Goodwood Road, but there seems to be twice the amount coming through ever since it opened,” said Mr O'Brien, who lives in Jolley Lane, on the corner of Langbeckers and Goodwood Road.

He fears the biggest single road investment undertaken in Bundaberg has been a giant waste of money.

“Truckies heading south know that way is quicker than taking the ring road when they check their GPS, so they take it, and it's deteriorating Goodwood Road as a result,” he said.

“The quality of the road is terrible and gets worse every time a truck goes past. All the residents would love to see them off Goodwood or at least slowing down and laying off the exhaust brakes.”

But a Department of Transport and Main Roads spokesperson said traffic assessments since the road's opening on September 12 had indicated it was being used as planned.

According to statistics compiled between September 14 and October 2, 3780 vehicles on average were recorded using stage one of the ring road, between Elliott Heads Road and FE Walker Street.

However, 2830 vehicles used the second stage of the carriageway, between Goodwood Road and the Isis Highway, meaning almost a thousand vehicles turned down Goodwood Road instead of continuing to the highway.

“The department will continue to monitor traffic volumes and undertake some comparisons and further analysis annually as part of the asset gathering,” the spokesperson said.

“It is important to measure traffic volumes on the Bundaberg Ring Road for a longer period of time to get a true picture.”

The department said it would review traffic volumes on other city roads during the next year to see if the road had reduced the number of vehicles using other roads.

Ring road usage Between September 14 and October 2:
  • Average 3780 vehicles per day on stage one of the road.
  • Average 2330 vehicles per day on stage two of the road.

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