Each side in dark about each other

MOORE Park will be heading into the unknown as they enter the semi final phase of the Meccano Cup against Gympie side Golden City.

“We know nothing about the other team so I’ve got no idea how the game will play out but it’s an exciting thing to go to new grounds,” said Moore Park coach Bruce Leslight.

“We have our game plan and we need to stick with it. The aim from the start was to get to the Meccano Cup final and we’ve only got one more game before we get there.”

With three players, Alex Rei, Paul Tucker and Kumwi Doyle, out ahead of the clash, Leslight will be relying on the strength of the strikers to survive the sudden death elimination.

“If we can get Brendan Banks and Dan Hardy to fire, we’ll be right.”

Leslight said the team has had successful training sessions this week and has made vast improvements to game play.

“We’re mainly working on the cross of the ball and free kicks; they are the two areas we have been addressing in the last month,” he said.

“If the mid-fielders and strikers can perform like last week we’ve got a good chance.”

Golden City coach Darryl Cash said he too was unfamiliar with his opposing team and would prefer to keep it that way.

“I know absolutely nothing about them. All I know is they are at the top of the Bundy table,” he said.

Confident with a full squad, Cash said the boys have been busy in their preparations.

“They boys have been working hard. Since the Meccano Cup started, we have been playing more games than we have been training.”

Cash said the team had adopted a simple approach to the semi final.

“We’re just a bunch of young boys out to have fun,” he said.

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