BUNDY PRODUCT: DZ Deathrays Lachlan Ewbank, Simon Ridley and Shane Parsons are bringing their Tour With The Lot to Magnums in March.
BUNDY PRODUCT: DZ Deathrays Lachlan Ewbank, Simon Ridley and Shane Parsons are bringing their Tour With The Lot to Magnums in March. Contributed

DZ Deathrays talk Bundy music scene and hopes for home gig

VAPID: having lost life, sharpness, or flavour; insipid; flat.

It's the word that best describes the Bundaberg music scene, according to popular rock band DZ Deathrays.

DZ Deathrays' national Tour with the Lot is currently under way and tomorrow the band will play in Townsville, with all profits to be donated to GIVIT to support the victims of floods.

Drummer Simon Ridley told the NewsMail having grown up in Bundaberg with Shane and a number of other musicians they "felt it really was quite a vapid music scene. Especially for original live music”.

"There were (and still are to this day) a number of bars/pubs that support and promote live cover bands but the majority of venues don't back original acts,” he said.

"For up and coming musicians interested in playing their own music the only outlets we could find were house parties which often were shut down by police.

"As much as we'd like to come and play a hometown show nowadays we find it hard to find a venue with the sufficient production to enable us to put on the kind of show we want and our hometown deserves.”

Ridley said due to that unfortunately they won't be playing Bundaberg on this tour.

"We are looking to organise some form of endorsements in the future to potentially help cover the costs to bring in the level of production we're after but ultimately time and lack of money got the best of us this tour,” he said.

"We definitely do want to come play there but we just couldn't make it work this time around. I love Bundy and it will always be my hometown.

"While growing up there, there were the very rare occasion where some great original acts come through such as Frenzal Rhomb (they had to play in the skate rink) and Jebediah (brought in production and played at the Showgrounds).”

He said those shows were heavily inspirational and those are the sort of shows they want to put on to help encourage young musicians and help stir up and reinforce any music scene currently happening in Bundy.

"If any of your readers are willing to help or potentially know some way we'd love to do it,” he said.

The sentiments of a "vapid” music scene in Bundaberg and the potential venue factor by DZ Deathrays were echoed by The Shed Bundaberg's Alex Gasparich.

THE SHED: Alex Gasparich.
THE SHED: Alex Gasparich. Mike Knott BUN090119SHED2

Creating a venue for local artists and a home for original music, Mr Gasparich said The Shed Bundaberg had been building traction in the local music scene.

Having already put on a handful of successful gigs from metal shows to open mic nights and mixed genre sets, he said the variety was being lapped up by a range of music fans within the community.

Mr Gasparich said they started with metal gigs and the crowds they are drawing now have increased significantly, with one Saturday night seeing a "ridiculous” amount of people through the door.

"It was really awesome,” he said. At the end of this month, there will be a four-day 'Official Opening Weekend' at The Shed Bundaberg, the main event will be a full-day carnival themed festival on March 30 called Darkwood Carnival.

He said the carnival which would have 13 bands, side acts and stalls, would be preceded by an open mic night on Friday and followed by an open jam session on Sunday.

For more about The Shed Bundaberg or DZ Deathrays visit their respective Facebook pages.

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