Drunk man knocks driver out as victim's kids watched

A ROCKHAMPTON man never thought telling a drunk to get off the road as he drove past him would result in a fractured nose and crashing into a house with his daughters in the backseat.

But that's exactly what happened on September 24 last year when the man and his two daughters were driving around Kawana and came across Bryan Kieth Davies.

Davies, a Bajool father-of-four, was standing in the middle of the road, highly intoxicated.

It was heard in the Rockhampton District Court on Thursday that the man slowed down to swerve past Davies and told him to get off the road before Davies moved to the driver's side window and punched the man in the face, knocking him out.

Crown prosecutor Megan Jones told the court the blow caused the unconscious man to accelerate and crash his car into a parked car and the garage doors of a nearby house.

"There was $6682 worth of damage done to the complainant's vehicle and $15,000 worth of damage to the car and home," Ms Jones said.

"The complainant attended the Rockhampton Hospital and it was later found that he had suffered a fractured nose. This was an unprovoked assault and according to the victim impact statement, the incident has affected his two daughters."

Barrister Jordan Ahlstrand told the court Davies had been drinking on the day of the offence.

"He was intoxicated at the time, he had had an excessive amount of beer and rum and has a limited recollection of the offence," Mr Ahlstrand said.

"He is sympathetic for his behaviour and acknowledges it would have been distressing for the children."

It was also revealed to the court that earlier that day Davies had damaged his neighbour's front fence, causing $990 in damage.

Ms Jones told the court Davies and his neighbour shared a history of not getting along and that Davies admitted he damaged the fence because he was angry.

Davies' letters of remorse to both victims were handed to Judge Michael Burnett before the sentence.

Judge Burnett told Davies,

"You're 31, you're not a child anymore, you're an adult.

"You were standing in the middle of the road so you were not only a danger to yourself but to the community and drunkenness is not an excuse.

"You assaulted someone when they were behind the wheel of a car and you exposed their children to a risk of great injury."

Davies was sentenced to 12 months' imprisonment for one charge of assault occasioning bodily harm and three months' imprisonment for one charge of wilful damage. He will be eligible for parole on October 1.

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