The woman's bail was refused.
The woman's bail was refused. Mike Knott

Drunk mum on ice allegedly chased daughter with mattock

A MUM accused of threatening her daughter with a mattock and a skewer has been refused bail.

During an unsuccessful bail application by 46-year-old Megan Riley, Bundaberg Magistrates Court heard the mother had allegedly threatened to harm her daughter with a skewer, and chased her with a mattock.

Megan Maureen Riley appeared in the dock charged with possession of dangerous drugs and causing wilful damage (to a door) - domestic violence offence.

No pleas were given on the charges and Riley indicated through her lawyer they would be defended.

Prosecutor Sergeant Dean Burgess said police opposed bail as the allegations were serious, and at the time Riley was on the drug ice, and when arrested had an alcohol reading of 0.251.

In making the application, lawyer Thomas Bray said the reason Riley was at her 26-year-old daughter's home was because threats had been made to her daughter's safety.

"The allegations of her being aggressive toward her (daughter) were fabricated by other persons," he said.

With police facts before her, Magistrate Belinda Merrin said there were allegations of intoxication when she was picked up by police.

Mr Bray said Riley doesn't accept there had been a domestic violence offence other than she had been present at her daughter's house.

He said Riley was taking positive steps and had an appointment at Bridges.

Ms Merrin said Riley hadn't done what she previously was told to do.

"She indicates she intends to," Mr Bray said.

"She has previously tried to go cold turkey. (She) indicates she wants to go into rehabilitation for drug and alcohol counselling."

In consideration of the bail application, Ms Merrin said that what police allege was serious.

Ms Merrin said there was an allegation she also damaged a door "by putting a mattock into it, through it".

She said Riley has a criminal history and a failure to comply with court orders.

Ms Merrin said if the charges were proven imprisonment was likely.

Bail was refused.

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