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Drug trafficker told school a walk in park compared to jail

A YOUNG man saw police set up an RBT and did a U-turn to escape detection for trafficking cocaine and marijuana.

Adam James Lamb, 21 of Mackay, pleaded guilty yesterday in Supreme Court in Rockhampton to trafficking drugs, possessing dangerous drugs, possessing a phone used in the commission of a crime, possessing controlled drugs and possessing drug utensils.

Crown prosecutor Tiffany Lawrence said Lamb was driving near Lowmead, saw police, did the U-turn and tried to evade police on December 1, 2017.

She said he was found with eight types of drugs, a mobile phone with text messages to 15 customers with about 11 actual supplies ranging from $50 for a stick (3g) of marijuana to $1100 of cocaine over two months.

Justice Graeme Crow said Lamb, who was described as a talented musician from a stable family environment, had been severely bullied in high school and had developed a psychiatric disorder as a result.

A psychologist's report tendered to court stated it was believed Lamb turned to illicit drugs to self medicate and that in turn led to his offending.

"What is it going to be like in prison? He will be one of the smallest people in prison," Justice Crow said.

"Your high school will be a walk in the park in comparison to prison.

"You are not naive. You know prisons are full. You will not get your own cell."

He warned assaults and rapes still occurred in prisons.

"There are many people in our society suffer from many things," Justice Crow said.

"It is not a 'get out of jail free card'.

"I have no doubt prison would break you completely."

Defence barrister Tom Polley said Lamb had lost 14kg in the past few months leading up to sentencing.

While Lamb trafficked marijuana and cocaine between October 3 and December 2, 2017, the other drugs - MDA, codeine, Xanax and LSD - were for personal use.

He was on bail for assault charges when he was intercepted for trafficking drugs.

The court heard in a text message on October 18, Lamb boasted about getting a large amount of drugs.

He supplied drugs to his customers for cash or gold jewellery, on credit occasionally, and had customers transfer funds to his bank account.

He referred to cocaine in his texts as 'coke'.

"It's hardly going to trick anyone," Justice Crow said.

Lamb had moved to the Gold Coast for study and "fell in with the wrong crowd", leading to using dangerous drugs.

He has since had three appearances in court for drugs and one assault police from June 10, 2017.

The court heard Lamb had been drug free for a year and was working at a warehouse in Paget full-time.

Justice Crow sentenced Lamb to three years' jail with immediate parole.

"This is a very difficult case," he said.

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