Drug offender had history

A RECOVERING drug user caught with a bong and digital scales in his home was put on probation yesterday after a magistrate said fines did not seem to be a deterrent for the man.

Wayne Laurence Hutchinson, 27, of Bundaberg East, pleaded guilty in Bundaberg Magistrates Court to possessing anything used in the commission of a crime and possessing utensils.

He told the court he had been attending Bridges Drug and Alcohol Treatment Service for about six weeks and hoped to continue.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Barry Stevens said police executed a search warrant at the defendant’s home on September 3.

Hutchinson told police he used the scales to “make sure he didn’t get ripped off”.

“It’s obviously a long history of drug using,” Sgt Stevens said.

The prosecutor told the court about Hutchinson’s history where he received probation that he breached.

Sgt Stevens submitted fines would not be a serious enough penalty because the defendant had continued to commit offences after paying fines for similar offences.

The defendant told the court he could not remember how he had breached his earlier probation.

“Why, have you had too much to smoke since then?” Magistrate Neil Lavaring asked the man.

He was placed on 12 months probation.

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