Man attempts drug lab dump

A MAN found trying to throw his portable meth lab into a septic system as police arrived to raid his home was sent to jail yesterday.

Darrell Wayne Stone, 41, of Avondale, pleaded guilty in Bundaberg Supreme Court to producing and possessing methyl amphetamine and possession of ecstasy.

Crown Prosecutor Alex Cummings said police executed a search warrant at the defendant's Avondale property on February 19, 2009.

“He was seen running down the side of the house and trying to put an object into the septic tank,” Mr Cummings said.

Police found a small amount of speed in the house along with about one-and-a-half tablets of ecstasy.

The defence said the lab was used only to produce drugs used by the self-confessed addict defendant and was not for commercial use.

“There was nothing found in the house consistent with supply,” defence barrister David Murray said.

He said there were no client lists, phones or scales usually found in supply cases.

Justice Duncan McMeekin said he was unimpressed with Stone's “appalling history”.

“You have extensive convictions and have been given every chance but you keep coming back,” Mr McMeekin said.

“The drugs you were meddling with are extremely dangerous and more the fool you for doing it.”

McMeekin was sentenced to 18 months jail with a parole release date set for five months.

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