Drug busts soar by 20%

DRUG offences in the Bundaberg district soared by 20 per cent in 2010/11 compared to the previous year, according to the latest crime figures released yesterday.

But Superintendent Rowan Bond said he was encouraged by the figures - which revealed 28 drug busts had been made since August last year - saying it was evidence of hard work by his police officers.

"We've had a very specific targeting of drugs," he said.

Supt Bond said it also showed the good relationship the police had with members of the community, who were often responsible for reporting drug offences.

But he was disappointed there had been little change in assaults, particular domestic violence incidents, with this year's total assault figure of 443 only slightly down on last year's 447.

"I am quite alarmed at the pattern of domestic violence in Bundaberg," he said.

"We had 34 instances last weekend alone, and some of those involved weapons."

Another area of concern involved theft from motor vehicles, which was up 11 per cent on last year.

"One of the issues is because people leave their cars unlocked or leave items such as cameras and wallets in public view," Supt Bond said.

But on the whole, Supt Bond said the statistics were positive, with the following decreases in crime:

Common assaults down by almost 6.5% on the previous year

Stealing from houses down by 15%

Stealing from shops down by 39%

In more serious crimes, the figures showed instances of rape or attempted rape reported in 2010/11 were 49 per 100,000 people in the district, up from 20 reported the year before.

But Supt Bond said a large part of the increase was due to "historical offences" that had only recently been reported.

Two murders were reported in the district in 2010/11, the same as 2009/10.

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