Maree Partridge thinks any decrease in the price of rego is great.
Maree Partridge thinks any decrease in the price of rego is great. Scottie Simmonds

Drivers save $24 on rego

AS the owner of three vehicles, Maree Partridge is looking forward to a drop in the cost of her compulsory third party insurance.

Treasurer Andrew Fraser announced that under motor vehicle insurance reforms, Queenslanders would save up to $24 on registration from yesterday.

But the drop has not helped the east Bundaberg mother yet this year, having just paid insurance on two of her vehicles.

“It would have been good, but at least we can look forward to it next year,” she said.

Mrs Partridge did not want the savings to stop there.

“I think they are too expensive and could go down from there,” she said.

Mrs Partridge was not the only person pleased with the savings.

Moore Park Beach woman Theresa Vollmer was happy to hear her CTP insurance would go down.

“We pay too much — a lot more than other states,” she said.

The savings have come after the state government reduced the CTP scheme delivery costs by $20 and dropped the $4 HIH surcharge.

“By introducing these reforms, and banning commissions from insurers to motor dealers, it has already sparked greater competition between insurers and I urge motorists to shop around to get further savings,” Mr Fraser said.

“These are genuine savings, available to Queensland motorists from today.”

But according to LNP transport spokeswoman Fiona Simpson, Queenslanders were still paying the highest price for owning a car.

“It’s clear that this long-term Labor government sees Queensland motorists as little more than cash cows,” she said.

“Anna Bligh and Labor’s fuel tax have left Queenslanders consistently paying some of the most expensive fuel prices in the nation, while the increasing car registration costs have left many motorists in shock.”

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