WARNING: Acting Sergeant David Didsman.
WARNING: Acting Sergeant David Didsman. Mike Knott BUN160418POLICE1

DRIVER WARNING: High police presence as school goes back

DRIVERS who flout the road rules during school time could be fined up to $1200.

That's the message from Bundaberg Police as they gear up for extra police presence around schools as students return after the holidays.

Bundaberg Road Policing Unit Acting Sergeant David Didsman said motorists needed to stay acutely aware where they were driving.

"I can hear the parents cheering that kids are going back to school, but in that we have to warn motorists to be aware in school zones,” he said.

"The back to school period is the last stage of our Easter campaign so we are imploring all motorists to slow down.”

Sgt Didsman said failure to comply with the speed limits could prove costly.

"Speeding in school zones can cost anywhere from $168 to $1200,” he said.

While most people were law-abiding citizens, Sgt Didsman said some drivers were just not getting the message.

"The road policing command are disappointed with the number of drink and drug drivers out on our roads at the moment,” he said.

Sgt Didsman said most school zones had iridescent signs and he urged people to pay attention.

"Young people can dart across the road in a split second while the older ones walk across the road like zombies listening to their headphones," he said. "That's why we must only do 40km/h.”

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