Bus driver puts tourists in peril

A BUS driver faces hefty fines after driving through floodwaters with a load of tourists on board.

The 68-year-old driver tried to drive through a metre of water over Fingerboard Road, 6km east of Miriam Vale, about 10pm on Tuesday.

About 20 international tourists were on the bus stranded at Alligator Flats.

At 10am yesterday, the tourists waded through water and were taken to Rockhampton by a Polleys Suntour bus that came from Gympie.

Police said the passengers were safe, but “cold and famished” after the long ordeal, which left them “disgruntled and frustrated”.

A large portion of the tourists’ baggage was damaged or destroyed.

The tourists were onboard a Premier Motor Service bus enroute from Brisbane to Cairns.

Premier Motor Service customer service manager Greg Abel said the company was undertaking an investigation.

“We’ll be collecting statements from the driver and passengers,” he said.

Miriam Vale police sergeant Owen Harms said motorists should heed roads closed signs.

“We can’t stress the importance enough of obeying road closure signs,” Sgt Harms said.

The bus was towed from the water by a heavy vehicle rescue operators.

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