Laraine Schuhkraft weighs up some options at Zetta Boutique.
Laraine Schuhkraft weighs up some options at Zetta Boutique. Max Fleet

Women know dressing rooms

IT SEEMS women are no strangers to dressing rooms, with a survey revealing shoppers are likely to try on 21,000 garments in a lifetime but will only buy half of them.

The study, which polled 3000 women, showed four shopping trips a month with 10 fashion items tried on each time meant 480 garments made it to the change room per person in a year.

Zetta Boutique store manager Carolyn Waldock backed the figures, saying women tried on so many items because fashion was seasonal.

“We come and shop at least a couple of times each season and of course you have to have matching shoes, make-up, jewellery and handbags,” she said.

“Girls just love to shop. It's fun and empowering.

“You can shop by yourself or with a girlfriend and it always feels good.

“Fashion is fun.”

She said while women tried on so many items, it did not mean they spent the same amount.

“It depends on people's budget,” she said.

“Some people might come in and buy $20 items while others will purchase more expensive items.

“I think the statistics are about right. And if you had basic pieces in your wardrobe and mixed and matched them for the season you will have a versatile cupboard that you can then dress your clothes up or dress them down.”

It's not all fun, though — the survey also revealed 85% of women often regretted a purchase once home.

Bundaberg woman Laraine Schuhkraft said while she had regretted some purchases, she had ways to avoid the post-purchase remorse.

“If I am buying an item to go with something I already have, I usually bring along what I'm trying to match it with to avoid disappointment when I get home,” she said.

“I always make sure to try things on and you have to ask for advice no matter where you are. A second opinion is always helpful.”

Mrs Schuhkraft said while the figures of buying half of items tried on used to apply to her, she had since cut back.

“I probably only buy a quarter or even less of the things I try on,” she said.

“It may look good on the rack but not on you, so you really need to see it on.”

The survey also noted women often intended only to window shop, but the urge to buy won 85% of the time.

Mrs Schuhkraft said this definitely applied to her.

“I may not be clothes shopping but if something takes my fancy, I'll usually go and try it on,” she said.

“I'm a surprise shopper. I surprise myself.”

The survey also said girls shopping in groups often tried on things they knew they would never wear.

Bundaberg teen Lee-ette Pegg said she preferred to shop with friends.

“It's more fun and I like getting their approval,” she said.

“You can never have too many clothes. I'm addicted to jewellery. I have over 100 items and it's not enough.”

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