Ana Matronic
Ana Matronic Jolee Wakefield

Dress up is no drag for faux queen

LIFE used to be a drag for Scissor Sister's Ana Matronic. Quite literally.

After her father died, she packed away her books and moved from Oregon to San Francisco to begin her performing life as a honorary drag queen.

"I've always loved both sides of things to read and perform," she said.

"I started down the path of academia and thought I would become an archaeologist or a teacher but I just wanted to dance and make a fool of myself.

"I thought I could come back to it when I wasn't so distracted by drinking and boys and shiny things."

She danced each night at a drag club called Tranny Shack where she was known as a faux queen.

Each night was a different theme and Matronic delighted in the fashion challenge, something it is evident she still loves by her on stage outfits with the Scissor Sisters.

"It was great, I loved being a part of the whole scene. The only requirement was you were a good performer."

After three years in San Francisco, she moved to New York and launched her own cabaret show. It was here in 2000 where she met Jake Shears who was starting up a group with his friend Babydaddy. Always outrageous, she was dressed as an abortion at the time. He asked her to join the group and the inception of the Scissor Sisters began. Originally it was called Dead Lesbian and the Fibrillating Scissor Sisters but was later shortened.

Fastforward 11 years and the band has spawned three albums, a string of awards and a succession of anthemic dance hits.

Matronic describes their forthcoming album due for release mid next year, as a patchwork quilt.

"It's going to be a bit of stuff you've heard on the our first couple of albums, some warm and fuzzy hands in the air stuff as well as Scissor Sister get down anthems," she explained.

The group's lyrics are both spawned from personal experience as well as social issues, but Matronic explained the most common inspiration was simply talking.

"I get inspired by talking, by friends, by sitting around and having random conversations.

"We'll be in the studio laughing about something that happened the night before and then it makes it on the record."

She credits Jake Shears for some of the bands most outlandish lyrics.

"Jake is an incredible writer of gibberish, the Dr Zeus-style gibberish. They're a lot of fun, we like to throw some curve balls."

A Scissor Sister live show is a dynamic performance of colour and costume where theatrical elements reign supreme.

Matronic delights in finding new and exciting pieces to wear on stage and credits cinema as the inspiration behind her outfits.

"I'm inspired by Hollywood, well not Hollywood per say, but cinema. Especially European new wave cinema."

Catch the Scissor Sisters when they perform at Summafieldayze on the Gold Coast on January 2.

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