Drama at the Hotel Sorrento

THE classic Australian drama Hotel Sorrento opens at the Playhouse Theatre on Friday, October 23 as part of the city's Crush program for 2015.

This gripping and brutally honest play will sweep audiences up in the tumultuous story of family trust and loyalty, passionately penned by Hannie Rayson.

The Playhouse Theatre stage has been transformed into a mulit-faceted performance space complete with three houses, a jetty and sandy beach.

The production's director Lili Thompson has assembled a mix of seasoned performers with relative newcomers and is excited to be bringing this iconic Australian piece to the local stage.

The production features a moving sound-scape, and lighting designer Al Horan has successfully met the challenge of lighting the 40 different scenes.

Hilary (Jenny Duffy) lives in seaside Sorrento with her father Wal (Michael Cull) and 16-year-old son Troy (Kurt Munckton); younger sister Pippa (Sara Gibbs) is visiting from New York and middle sister Meg (Karleigh Auguston) returns from England with her English husband (Michael Dart).

Three sisters, reunited after 10 years in different worlds, again feel the constraints of family life.

Completing the cast are Graham Lister and Judy Hayhoe as Dick and Marge.

Bookings can be made at www.theplayhousetheatre.

org.au or at the theatre each Saturday and Sunday from 9am - noon. Performances will be on October 23, 24, 30 and 31 at 7.30pm and Sunday, October 25 at 3pm.

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